Tyrannosaurus rex (S/F)

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The “tyrant reptile king” was first described by Henry Fairfield Osborn in 1905 from a partial skeleton found in eastern Montana. Tyrannosaurus was a bipedal carnivore that lived in the Late-Cretaceous Period about 68 to 65.5 million years ago. It was 12.3 to 13 meters (40 to 42) long, 3 and half meters (12.5ft) high at the hip and up to 12 tons in weight. Tyrannosaurus represents the most famous group of dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurids. T. rex has been recovered from many areas, including the Hell Creek Formation (Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota) United States; Scolland Formation (Alberta), Frenchman Formation (Saskatchewan) Canada; Livingston Formation, Ferris Formation, Lance Formation (Wyoming), Laramie Formation, Denver Formation (Colorado), Javelina Formation (Texas), McRae Formation (New Mexico), North Horn Formation (Utah). T. rex was the apex predator of its location. It mainly hunted ceratopsians and young or old Hadrosaurs. Evidence of predation include part of the caudal vertebrae of an Edmontosaurus being bitten off and healed. Triceratops horns being broken off and healed. It is one of the largest terrestrial carnivores whose enormous jaws contain a jagged line of 7-inch razor-sharp teeth. In the Jurassic Park universe, it is depicted with dotted pupils.

The Tyrannosaurus on Isla Nublar was stated to run at a speed of thirty-two miles per hour. Later, when the animal was first seen, she broke out of her enclosure and continues to destroy the electric Ford Explorers in which Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Tim Murphy and Lex Murphy were hiding. After chasing Malcolm, she demolished the feeble restroom hut that was used by Donald Gennaro as a hiding place. The Tyrannosaurus then reappeared three times. First she chased Robert Muldoon and Ellie Sattler when they rescued an injured Ian Malcolm, then she was spotted by Grant, Tim and Lex as she hunted Gallimimus and finally when she ‘rescued’ Grant and company from the Velociraptors in the Visitor’s Center rotunda.

On Isla Sorna, the first Tyrannosaurus seen was the infant when Roland Tembo and Ajay Sidhu discovered the tyrannosaurs’ nest. They then proceed to captured him and used his cries to attract the parents, so that Roland could have his trophy, while Ludlow hoped that at least one of the Tyrannosaurus could be showcased in the San Diego park. Unfortunately for Peter Ludlow’s team, Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen released all of the animals they had captured and rescue the infant Tyrannosaurus, which had his leg broken by Ludlow while the latter was drunk. They brought it to their trailer where its cried and scent attracted the parents. Dr. Ian Malcolm, along with Sarah and Nick, return the infant, and the pair disappears only to return in order to claim the land as their territory. When Eddie Carr comes to the rescue the parents eat him.

info-imageThe next time the Tyrannosaurus were seen is when they attack the InGen camp, killing a few InGen hunters; however, the male was sedated by Roland Tembo and brought to San Diego. Unfortunately, it entered into a coma sometime during the trip from the high amount of carfentanil that Roland had shot him with. In order to counteract the effects, over 10mg of naltrexone (a large dosage) was administered. This caused the Bull to enter a berserker state. Waking up, the bull killed the crew members before somehow being lured into the cargo hold. When the ship crashed into the InGen docks at San Diego, it escaped into the city. It rampaged through San Diego, causing mayhem and killing at least one person (a man credited as “Unlucky Bastard” – played by David Koepp). Ian and Sarah then lured it onto the boat on which it arrived, using the infant that was also captured by Ludlow. Ludlow followed the infant into the boat unaware that the father was on his heels and thus resulted in his death. Fortunately, the male and his infant were returned safely to Isla Sorna where they reunited with the female.

When Dr. Alan Grant accompanied Paul Kirby and Amanda Kirby to Isla Sorna so that they could find their lost twelve year old son, Eric, they too encounter a Tyrannosaurus. Unlike the previous adult male individual seen, this animal was slightly smaller with a different coloration. It boasted a bright green texture, which contrasted the darker green coloration from before. This has lead some people to think that it could be a sub-adult, though not much is given to support this claim, save the size.


Jurassic World

header-imageTyrannosaurus rex was one of the dinosaur species housed in the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. Tyrannosaurus is housed in an attraction called ‘T. rex Kingdom‘. The attraction consists of a feeding show held every two hours in which guests are able to view the Tyrannosaurus feeding. The animal is depicted on the in-universe Jurassic World website as having three distinct scars alongside of its back.

The official Jurassic World website lists Tyrannosaurus as having a ‘high’ threat level. The size chart lists the animal as 16ft high, and 40ft long.


Isla Nublar Incident

During the events of Jurassic World, the native Tyrannosaurus of Isla Nublar, the very same from the events of 1993, was at some point recaptured and put back into captivity. Through the events of the film she is kept in T. rex Kingdom (Paddock 9), the only Tyrannosaurus on Isla Nublar. We see her briefly being lured to a goat for feeding time, seeing the majority of her head and eye during the feeding time. She is not seen again until the Battle of Main Street, where she is let out of Paddock 9 to combat the Indominus rex. Claire lures her out of Paddock 9 with a red smoke flare, similar to one used to lure here away from the Explorer tour car by Dr. Alan Grant during the events of 1993, and towards the Indominus rex. As she charges through to main street, she smashes through the Spinosaurus skeleton. For a brief moment there is a stand off between the two large animals until the fight begins. For the initial part of the fight, Indominus has the upper hand, with the female Tyrannosaurus being old and brittle was at first no match to the pure strength of the Indominus. She was almost defeated by the Indominus, obtaining many new open wounds due to the large claws of the hybrid animal. It was only a distraction from the previously thought dead Blue, that she was able to get back up and obtain the upper hand in the fight, with team work with the Velociraptor. The Tyrannosaurus was able to slam the hybrid into a building on Main Street, eventually pushing the animal towards the edges of the Mosasaurus Enclosure, where the Mosasaurus launched from her enclosure and grabbed the Indominus in her jaws and pulled her to the depths of the lagoon.

There is a brief stand off between the T. rex and Blue, with the Tyrannosaurus deciding not to attack by slowly walk off back into the park, foreshadowing not wanting to be fed but wanting to hunt and contrasting the Indominus‘ want to hunt for sport.

She is last seen climbing the helipad of Jurassic World, with her new and old scars from the battle, giving out one large roar into the sunrise over the devastation of Jurassic World, becoming the Queen of Isla Nublar once again.