Indominus rex – Isla Nublar (S/F)

Two female Indominus rex were bred for exhibition in Jurassic World. Only one would survive, with the other being cannibalized by its sibling.

The eventual exhibit plan for Indominus rex, would have had the animal displayed in an arena, similar to the Mosasaurus Feeding Show. Guests would watch from a safe distance above the pen in a large auditorium. The pen appears also to have had a large section of the park devoted to it as well, connected to the Monorail.

The Indominus rex was originally conceived as a corporate sponsored attraction, it’s official name being ‘Verizon Wireless presents the Indominus rex‘. The dinosaurs genome was classified after its creation, with few staff aware of the true nature of the animal. Although marketed as a new exhibit, the Indominus rex was actually a prototype bioweapon developed in conjunction between Vic Hoskins and Dr. Henry Wu. The animal was capable of camouflage and communication with other dinosaurs, due to the alterations to its DNA.

Isla Nublar Incident (2015):

The Indominus rex was hatched as part of a brood of two, within the creation lab. However, the Indominus attacked and consumed its sibling shortly after its birth. The dinosaur was then placed in a paddock in a restricted area for observation before its eventual placement in the park. Indominus rex had no contact with its handlers or other animals, being fed primarily through a crane mechanism.

The Indominus eats Nick, moments before escaping its pen.

Three weeks before the park was due to open, the Indominus rex utilized its camouflage to throw off the paddock’s thermal sensors. It also feigned an escape over the wall to make it appear as if the paddock was empty. When Owen GradyNick, and another paddock worker went inside the paddock to investigate, they swiftly discovered that the animal had laid a trap for them, never having left the paddock. Killing the paddock worker, the Indominus proceeded to break out of the paddock.

After breaking out of the paddock, the Indominus attempted to hunt down Owen Grady, but could not scent him due to the gasoline covering his body. However, Nick was not so well hidden from its senses and was swiftly eaten. Afterwards, the Indominus stalked off into the jungle. At an unspecified time, the Indominus tore out its tracking implant.

The Indominus rex dropped the tracking implant in a stream, as yet another trap. As the ACU, led by Katashi Hamada attempted to tranquilize the animal, the Indominus attacked them. Hamada was the first killed, and the Indominus proceeded to systematically kill a number of the remainder of the Asset Containment Unit. Miller was among these killed as he shot at the Indominus hoping to slow it down for the rest of the unit to escape.

The Indominus rex attacks the Ankylosaurus, with the Gyrosphere stuck in the middle.

As Zach and Gray Mitchell drove their Gyrosphere to wander into a restricted zone, they were ambushed by the hybrid dinosaur. As the Indominus pursued the boys, the animal was forced to maneuver around a herd of Ankylosaurus. The Indominus rex fought with one of the Ankylosaurus, snapping it’s neck before focusing its attention back on the pair. Destroying the gyrosphere, the animal pursued them to a waterfall, where it gave up when it couldn’t locate them.

It is unknown if the Indominus rex killed the six Apatosaurus before or after pursuing the children. However,the Indominus was seen again as it stalked Owen Grady and Claire Dearing shortly after they arrived at the original Visitor’s Center. Bursting through the parking garage, the Indominus pursued the pair as it broke through to the central rotunda. However the animal was then distracted from its pursuit by the sound of the overhead helicopter flown by Simon Masrani.

The Indominus flees from the explosion caused by the crash of JW001.

As the animal ran to escape the machine gun fire from the helicopter, it crashed through the aviary.  Upon breaching the aviary, the Indominus roared in defiance at the Pteranadons and Dimorphodons, causing them to flee the aviary in agitation. The helicopter crashed shortly afterwards, and the Indominus roared again as it walked away from the fiery wreckage.

Vic Hoskins then persuaded Owen Grady to allow his Velociraptors to be utilized in conjunction with the ACU in an attempt to track the animal down. However, as the combined forces of dinosaur and humans cornered the Indominus, the dinosaur did not immediately attack. Instead, the Indominus rex communicated with the Raptors, turning them against the humans. As the Indominus rex finished, Owen Grady realized that In the ensuing chaos, Vic Hoskins ordered the ACU to open fire on the Indominus. The Indominus rex sustained multiple gunshot wounds during the encounter, including surviving a direct hit to its side with a grenade launcher. In the chaos, the Indominus rex escaped into the jungle shortly after.

As the survivors made it to Main Street, they attempted to seek refuge in the control center. However, upon finding the laboratory empty, they encountered Vic Hoskins who informed them of the true purpose of the Indominus rex. The Indominus rex was intended to be a bioweapon, with the current park version being an early prototype. Hoskin’s ultimate plan was to create man-sized versions of Indominus to be used in warfare, but with all of the original’s abilities intact.

After escaping the Raptors, the survivors were then ambushed by the Indominus rex. The hybrid barked out orders again for the raptors to attack the group, but this time was unsuccessful. The Raptors proceeded to attack the Indominus rex.

As the Raptors attacked the hybrid, Owen Grady attempted to shoot at it with his rifle. The Indominus rex attacked Blue first, seemingly killing her by throwing her against the wall. Then the Indominus bit Echo, throwing her into a restaurant where she was instantly incinerated by the cooking grill. She then bit into Delta, throwing her aside like a rag doll. The raptors seemingly killed off, the Indominus cornered the survivors in Jurassic Traders.  As the Indominus attempted to drag Gray Mitchell out, the theropod was distracted by the appearance of another large theropod.

The Indominus confronts the Tyrannosaurus rex in Main Street.

The appearance of the Tyrannosaurus rex forced the hybrid to turn to face the challenger. The two large theropods fought briefly before Indominus rex brought the T. rex down. Preventing the T. rex from getting back up, the Indominus prepared to kill its opponent, but then was distracted yet again by the arrival of Blue. Blue charged into battle, leaping upon the Indominus rex. As the therapod was preoccupied, the Tyrannosaurus was able to get up and charge the Indominus. The Tyrannosaurus slammed the Indominus into a building, leading to the Indominus sustaining heavy wounds.

The Indominus Rex, moments before death.

The Indominus was pushed back to the edge of the Mosasaurus arena, and although heavily injured, roared defiantly at the Tyrannosaurus and Blue. However before it could attackagain, the Mosasaurus leapt out of the lagoon and lunged at the Indominus, capturing it in its jaws. Although the Indominus Rex resisted, she was dragged underwater by the Mosasaurus to her death.