Compsognathus "triassicus" (*) (S/F)

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The “delicate jaw” was discovered in the 1850s in Bavaria, Germany by Dr. Oberndorfer and described by Johann A. Wagner in 1859. Compsognathus lived during the Late Jurassic Period about 156 to 145 million years ago. According to CSC it was 1 and half meter (5 ft) long, .60 meter (2ft) high and 11 pounds (5kg) in weight. Compsognathus can be found on Isla Sorna as well as Isla Nublar.

It’s also important to point out that Dr. Robert Burke, the Paleontologist of the InGen Expedition to Isla Sorna in 1997 misidentified this animal in The Lost World. Dr. Burke incorrectly classified the Compsognathus as a Compsognathus triassicus or Procompsognathus triassicus per the script. We’d like to point out that this may have been a gag for the film. Dr. Burke shares an uncanny resemblance to real-life paleontologist, Dr. Robert T. Bakker, that Dr. Jack Horner, who worked as the Paleontology consultant on all three films, got to play a practical joke with the character in making him appear incompetent in this scene. Evidenced by this here:

“In TLW you may have noticed a paleontologist in the movie that wore a big straw hat and had a beard…this character was based off a real paleontologist that often disagrees with me … I had him eaten too! (laughs)” — From an interview on Dan’s JP3 Page on April 5th, 2001

It was either that or it was a possible blooper like the one in an early TLW script that Corythosaurus was known as Carinthosaurus or Corinthosaurus and the misspellings of Tyrannosaurus (Tyranosaurus) and Stegosaurus (Stegasaurus) on the embryo tubes in Jurassic Park.

Cathy being attacked by the Compy pack

The Compsognathus were first encountered in 1997 by Cathy Bowman and her family while they were picnicking at a beach on Isla Sorna. The girl made the mistake of feeding a solitary individual while walking along the beach, which quickly attracted the flock. After she ran out of food, the pack attacked her, and her screaming brought her Father, her Mother, and the Yacht crew to her rescue.

While described as being harmless by Robert Burke to Dieter Stark, they pose quite a threat when in a group as Stark realized when he became disoriented and attacked by several Compsognathus all at once.  Though quick to run when the element of danger presented itself, they quickly regained their courage and collectively took down Dieter.  The Compsognathus were also seen by Eric Kirby, who recognized their squeaks while in his truck after becoming stranded on Isla Sorna.

Compsognathus are among the first dinosaurs seen on the island by the Dinosaur Protection Group team on their rescue mission to Isla Nublar in 2017. A lone Compsognathus individual can be seen hiding inside the ruined remains of the Jurassic Traders gift shop along Main Street, as the humans pass by in their expedition vehicles. Compsognathus were among the many dinosaur species seen later, fleeing from the eruption of Mt. Sibo.

However, although not seen on the Arcadia, the Compsognathus were among the dinosaur species that were transported by the poachers led by Ken Wheatley from Isla Nublar to Lockwood Manor. At least two or three Compsognathus specimens escaped from Lockwood Manor in the mass breakout, as they were seen to be eating the remains of Eli Mills after he was eaten by the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Compy’s chasing a young girl

After the breakout, the Compy’s were one of the dinosaurs that noticeably escaped far away from Lockwood Manor. One year after the events at the mansion, shaky camera footage would record an encounter where in a small girl was chased by a pack of Compy’s at an undisclosed location.