Lowery Cruthers (S/F)

Lowery Lowery Cruthers was a technician in Jurassic World‘s control room, with a crush on fellow worker Vivian, and a slightly antagonistic relationship with employer and park manager, Claire Dearing. Something of a hipster in regards to the original Jurassic Park, he is noteworthy for owning Dr. Ian Malcolm‘s book, “God Creates Dinosaurs” (even mentioning that his desk had ‘just enough stability to avoid falling into anarchy’ when called on its messy state by Claire), as well as an authentic, original Jurassic Park tee shirt recovered from the Visitor’s Center (which Claire called crass, given people died at the park). In addition, Lowery in this initial argument proved critical of the Indominus rex, particularly the sponsorship by Verizon Wireless, making several comments beneath his breath regarding “Pepsisaurus” and “Tostidodon”, and more loudly proclaiming that the original park was “legit” because it only needed “real dinosaurs”.

While working on many aspects of the park, such as keeping track of the gyrospheres and the chipped animals (a key example being the tranquilized Pachycephalosaurus ), and keeping the park in working order, Lowery generally did not keep his desk organized and tidy. Characterized by its messy, almost slobbish state, with a soft drink, food, Malcolm’s book, papers, and a line of toy dinosaurs (that he obsessively arranged just so) at all times, he nonetheless appeared to have no trouble working in these conditions, though a timely intervention by Claire did save his soft drink from spilling onto the floor at one point.

Later on, once the Indominus seemingly escaped her paddock, Claire frantically contacted Lowery in the control room to locate her chip- whereupon a stunned Lowery informed her that the Indominus was still very much in her pen, along with an investigating Owen Grady, Nick, and Ellis, leading to the latter two’s deaths and the actual escape of the Indominus.

As the park descended into chaos, Simon Masrani ordered the Indominus dealt with quietly by the Asset Containment Unit (ACU), led by Katashi Hamada, and that such an escape was an “inevitability”- a prospect which Lowery derisively met with his usual sarcastic wit, and was proven right when the Indominus killed the entire unit with ease.

The situation became even more dire when Claire’s nephews, Zach and Gray Mitchell, had boarded the Gyrosphere ride minutes before it was quietly shut down in the face of these events, and Lowery discovered that the boys had gone ‘off-road’ into the Restricted Area, whereupon they were attacked by the Indominus, before Masrani took matters into his own hands.

The rogue hybrid proceeded to kill Masrani as well as let the Pteranodon and Dimorphodon loose from the Aviary, whereupon Claire finally called an evacuation of all civilians even as the pterosaurs descended upon Main Street, resulting in numerous casualties, both injuries and deaths, before the ACU was able to subdue the animals.

With Masrani’s demise, Masrani Global allowed Vic Hoskins, head of InGen security, to come in and take over the attempts to reestablish control of the island, and Lowery found his precious dinosaurs knocked clean off his desk by Hoskins’ men as they stormed the control room.

Even as Hoskins’ attempts to use Owen’s Velociraptor pack backfired spectacularly, the remaining Control Room staff began to evacuate- save Lowery, who opted to stay behind, in case Claire, Owen, and the kids returned. He even attempted to gather the nerve to kiss Vivian, only to be shot down as she reminded him of her boyfriend. A crestfallen Lowery nonetheless received the compensation of continued friendship (albeit awkward for the moment) as Vivian left him alone to ponder this turn of events.

Finally, when the Indominus cornered the survivors on Main Street, and Owen’s raptors proved unable to defeat it, Claire called Lowery in the Control Room and ordered him to open Paddock Nine: T. Rex Kingdom. Naturally, Lowery was aghast and refused to release the Tyrannosaurus rex– the very same Tyrannosaurus rex from the original Jurassic Park- but Claire insisted, telling him to “Make something of your life for once”.

Insulted, Lowery shot back that she didn’t need to make it “personal”, before opening the paddock, allowing Claire to lead the Tyrannosaur to the Indominus, where (with a timely distraction from Blue) she was able to succeed where so many others had failed, driving the Indominus back into the Mosasaur lagoon whereupon the Mosasaur dragged the by-now-mortally-wounded hybrid to its watery grave.

At this point, there was only one thing left to be done, and Lowery was the one to do it: with one last look around, and pausing only long enough to take just one of his precious toy dinosaurs, Lowery turned off the lights in the Control Room, signifying the final end of Jurassic World.