Laura Sorkin (S/F-T/G)

Doctor Laura Sorkin was a paleogeneticist who had worked for InGen and Jurassic Park before the invention of the Lysine Contingency created by Dr. Henry Wu, which Dr. Sorkin had found to be cruel and unnecessary to the dinosaur population on Isla Nublar. She had also insisted to InGen multiple times to scrap the idea of Jurassic Park being an amusement park and convert it into a nature preserve, although the board wouldn’t go for it. Originally, she had wanted a complete paleo-DNA genome for the Jurassic Park project’s dinosaurs, acquiring various DNA parts from the amber fossils. It would’ve been expensive, and ate up time that the Board of Directors didn’t have. Then, Henry Wu had suggested using amphibian DNA to fill in the dinosaur sequence gaps. Nobody knew what the side effects would be, but it works, and because of that, Henry Wu was promoted to Chief Geneticist, while Doctor Sorkin, ‘took to the field’.

According to the briefing for Oscar Morales and Billy Yoder for the rescue mission, as well as some dialogue from Doctor Sorkin herself, Laura Sorkin was a big-time protester back in the 1970’s, fighting for animal rights and for animals to be treated humanely. She was arrested multiple times for the act, and ironically  even though she believed the animals were treated inhumanely and not given equal rights to live out their lives fully and not to be locked in cages, she still works at a place like Jurassic Park.

During the events Jurassic Park: The Game, Doctor Sorkin was visited by the two mercenaries, Gerry and Jess Harding, along with Nima Cruz, who was hand-cuffed to the chopper seat. she had demanded that Billy Yoder and Oscar Morales to load the InGen paperwork near the loading docks that was taking up space, when InGen was supposed to have sent men to pick it up months ago. After Gerry and Jess are taken to her laboratory’s Parasaurolophus Enclosure, she tests out an antidote that should reverse the Lysine Contingencies effects on the water source inside the paddock. The trio are attacked by a pack of Velociraptor antirrhopus nublarensis, and are forced to take shelter on top of the water tower inside the pen. The next time, she admits to Gerry that she not only added the antidote to the Parasaurolophus water source, but also to the main water supply, which then the antidote would reach any animal on the island. The two get into an argument, and then Jess comes back from ‘looking at stuff’ around the Maintenance Tunnels.

By the time the end of the Isla Nublar Incident had happened, she found out from Billy Yoder that the United States military was planning on firebombing the island, destroying all the extinct life on the island. As a result, she had held Gerry, Jess, Billy Yoder, and Nima hostage in the Jurassic Park Marine Facility, and she then released the adult Tylosaurus from it’s holding pen, opened the gates leading out of Isla Nublar’s aquarium, allowing the Tylosaurus the chance to escape. Gerry had told Sorkin that they could reverse this, although she replied that it was hopeless, as she had locked out the system to all users. In the end, she is knocked into the pool leading into the Aquarium due to the Tylosaurus ramming the glass, and she is dragged under and killed.