Masrani Global Corporation (S/F)

MasraniLogoMasrani Global Corporation, often shortened to Masrani Global or simply Masrani, was first established in 1973 by Sanjay Masrani with the founding of Mascom Network in India, its retroactive first subsidiary. Mascom spent ten years honing their craft and were on air by 1983, providing 45 channels across the Indian subcontinent for the next nine years until Sanjay’s unfortunate passing in 1992.

Mascom was then passed down to Sanjay’s son, Simon Masrani, who expanded Mascom’s success, but also took the company further. In 1996, Masrani founded Masrani Oil (later renamed Masrani Energy in recent years)  in Abu Dhabi. Despite its status as the youngest oil company on the planet, it was the third largest source of revenue for the newly minted Masrani Global Corporation between 1997 and 2004 and put Masrani on the world business map, as well as supplying 21% of the world’s transportation industry today. As well as telecommunications and oil, Masrani Global also acquired among its subsidiaries Tatsuo Technology, acquired in 2011, Aerospace Dynamix, founded in France in 2007, Data Analysys, founded in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1996, Axis Boulder Engineering, founded in 2000, and lastly, Medixal Health, giving Masrani Global a wide range of products and careers available.

In 1997, with the passing of Dr. John Parker Hammond, Masrani began talks to acquire International Genetic Technologies, Inc of Palo Alto, California. By 1998 the talks had been completed and InGen was officially a Masrani subsidiary, and the years of 2002 to 2004 saw the efforts to construct a new park on Isla Nublar begin to be undertaken (including the foundation of subsidiary Timack Construction to handle the construction of the park itself) which was opened in 2005, christened Jurassic World. This park was open for the next ten years and saw great success, until an unfortunate incident which saw the death of Masrani Global’s visiting CEO among others and numerous injuries along with massive publicized destruction, leading to the company’s current financial crisis and uncertain future.