1997 Isla Sorna Incident – Transporting Dinosaurs from Isla Sorna (S/F)

In 1997, the then-CEO of InGen Dr. John Hammond was voted off the bioengineering company’s board of directors, and was replaced by his nephew, Peter Ludlow. Financially crippled by the events of the Isla Nublar Incident of 1993, InGen was on the verge of going into administration, and in an attempt to save the company Ludlow organised a large expedition to Isla Sorna, the original “factory floor” of the Jurassic Park project. The aim of the mission was to retrieve examples of the company’s genetically re-created dinosaurs from the wilds of the island and transport them, presumably among other ships as well as the USS Venture, to InGen’s disused Jurassic Park facilities in San Diego. However, after the animals captured on the trip were freed from their cages by Nick Van Owen, Peter Ludlow was forced to change his plan in a final effort to salavage the Jurassic Park project, and decided to transport two tyrannosaurs to the San Diego complex, the adult male on the Venture and the junvenile on Ludlow’s private aircraft.

While the infant’s journey to the mainland had proceeded without incident, the adult, after being given an adrenaline shot by the crew to prevent it from going into a coma during the voyage, managed to escape from its holding pen and kill most if not everyone aboard. The ship then crashed into a dock in San Diego, inflicting large amounts of damage in the immediate vicinity and allowing the Tyrannosaurus to escape and wreak havoc upon the city. While on Isla Sorna, Dr. Ian Malcolm remarked that taking dinosaurs off the island “was the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas,” and this statement certainly proved correct as the tyrannosaur plunged the city into disarray and chaos upon arrival.