Dinosaur Protection Group (S/F)

The Official logo of the DPG

The Dinosaur Protection Group (abbrv. DPG) was an organization founded by Claire Dearing in March of 2017, after the Jurassic World incident. Currently located in San Francisco, its current base of operations, the DPG’s mission statement is to establish and protect the rights of all living dinosaurs. It aims to bring global awareness to the inhabitants on Isla Nublar, in the wake of a looming eruption from the island’s volcano, Mt. Sibo. They argue that dinosaurs are not meant to be exploited or used for financial gain, and that it is up to everyone to care for them, provide a sustainable environment, and limit human intrusion into their lives. The DPG presents itself as a 100 percent non-profit organization that strives to stay politically neutral and free from donation influences.

The DPG performs public outreach to educate the public about the plight of the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. Public and special events, research, and direct action are a few of the means by which the DPG gets the word out about its cause. The DPG often organizes protests and political marches in order to try and spread the word about the danger that the dinosaurs face. In addition, the DPG has documented visits to public schools to help spread the word about fighting to save the dinosaurs.

The DPG operates a website that is updated with monthly reports, blogs, and a section that is dedicated to Mt. Sibo. This last subsection of the website includes a live tremor reading, indicating the current state of the Island’s volcano. The DPG also hacked the Isla Nublar Jurassic World website as a political statement, updating the status of various dinosaurs on the Nublar Species list to ‘Endangered’ or ‘Extinct’, updating the status of the all the various buildings and attractions to ‘Destroyed’, and posting various DPG awareness slogans.

The DPG houses a team of 30 volunteers, including paleo veterinarian Zia Rodriguez and systems analyst Franklin Webb.