Male Tyrannosaurus rex – Jurassic Park /// (S/F)

T-Rex-vs-SpinosaurusA popular fan idea is that this animal is the same as the Infant Tyrannosaur that had its leg broken in 1997; however, there is nothing in support of this line of thought so it is truly speculative. This male Tyrannosaurus rex was an individual that was encountered by Dr. Alan Grant, his field assistant Billy Brennan, booking agent Udesky, and Paul and Amanda Kirby on Isla Sorna in 2001. The group had found themselves stranded on the island while in search for the Kirby’s son, Eric, who had been stranded on InGen‘s second island for eight weeks after a paragliding trip went awry. The Tyrannosaurus was killed in a fight with a Spinosaurus. This animal has previously been speculated to be a sub-adult individual due to measuring 12 in height at the hip and 37 feet long. There are some differences between the Male seen in 1997 and this male though. The coloration was also brighter the coloration seen an individual that was known to have been a fully mature male, however this is all unsubstantiated as the script and storyboards describe the animal as a fully matured adult.

082007This Tyrannosaurus was encountered while the aforementioned group was fleeing a Spinosaurus. After running through a small clearing and into another patch of jungle, Grant and company encountered the sub-adult male feeding on a Parasaurolophus carcass that was hidden behind a patch of long grass. Although Dr. Grant warned his companions not to move, a roar from the carnivore frightened the group enough that they fled. The Tyrannosaurus gave chase, and the group soon found that the Spinosaurus had followed them into the jungle. The two theropods noticed each other and began to prepare for a fight. After a series of roars and circling to size each other up, a slap across the face to the jurassicparkiii15Tyrannosaurus from the Spinosaurus sparked the battle. The T. rex charged and bit the Spinosaurus‘ neck, slamming it to the ground, only for the Spinosaurus to twist itself out of the smaller theropod’s grip and retaliate. Beating back the male T. rex, the Spinosaurus bit down onto the sub-adult’s neck and twisted it, snapping the neck and killing the Tyrannosaurus. The Spinosaurus than stood over the Tyrannosaurus‘ body, and gave out a victorious bellow.