Alan Grant (S/F)

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A renowned paleontologist, Dr. Alan Grant’s primary field of expertise was on Velociraptor. He had more theories on them than any other expert in his field. For the longest time he severely disliked children; he once terrified an obnoxious boy with a fossil Raptor claw and a detailed description of how the dinosaurs killed their prey. Grant’s closest friend and colleague was paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler, who was also his girlfriend for a brief period. It was during a dig near Snakewater, Montana that Dr. Grant was contacted by John Hammond, the CEO of InGen Bioengineering, who had been funding Grant and Sattler’s digs. Hammond wanted Grant to be one of the experts to come down to Isla Nublar, to endorse what he called a “biological preserve.” Grant was reluctant at first, but finally agreed when Hammond offered to continue funding his digs for a further three years.

Once on Nublar via helicopter, Grant was at first delighted to learn that InGen had successfully cloned living dinosaurs, but his awe and wonder quickly gave way to common sense. He told Hammond that with dinosaurs and humans being mixed together after so long, they had no idea what to expect. Soon he was proven right; power to the park was lost and the dinosaurs began escaping and killing people. During the attack on the tour road by the Tyrannosaurus, he used quick thinking to distract the dinosaur with a flare found in the rear of the electric tour vehicle.

After rescuing Tim Murphy and Lex Murphy, from the threat of the Tyrannosaur and guiding them back to the safety of the park’s visitor’s center, he discovered that Dr. Ian Malcolm’s theory was correct – the dinosaurs were breeding.  Once at the Visitor’s Center, he left the children to look for Dr. Sattler, who warned him that the Raptors have also escaped.  In a desperate struggle to restore power to the park, Grant leads the survivors to the main hall, where they are cornered by two Velociraptor, but are “saved” when the Tyrannosaurus kills one and draws the attention of the second predator.  He tells Hammond that after “careful consideration” he has decided not to endorse Jurassic Park.

Following the Nublar incident, Grant returned to paleontology, despite lack of public interest due to the incident in San Diego. It was this lack of interest in paleontology that was slowly but surely killing Grant’s profession, prompting him to go from university to university in an usually vain attempt to gain funding. At this point, Grant had decided the dinosaurs created by InGen were but cheap imitations, “genetically engineered theme-park monsters,” and he attempted to convince others of this with limited success. It was around this time that Grant and his student Billy Brennan were approached by Paul and Amanda Kirby. Supposedly wealthy adventurers, the Kirby’s wanted Grant to be their guide on an aerial tour of Site B on Isla Sorna. Grant refused at first, but badly in need of funds, he accepted when Paul offered to pay him any amount of money. However, he soon learned he had merely been suckered into helping the Kirby’s find their missing son, Eric.

At first cold, certain the boy was dead after eight weeks on Sorna, he soon warmed up to the Kirby’s. After being chased by a Spinosaurus immediately after landing, he was separated from the Kirby’s and Billy but rescued by Eric from a pack of Velociraptors, he rejoined the Kirby’s with their boy. Discovering that Billy had stolen two Raptor eggs, Grant becomes harsh and keeps the bag from Billy.  After seeing him supposedly die in an attempt to save Eric from a flock of toothed Pteranodon in an aviary, Grant regrets saying Billy was no better than those who built the park.  After another encounter with both the Spinosaurus and later Velociraptors, the eggs are returned and together they escaped the island alive with the timely arrival of the US Navy and Marines.  It was discovered that Billy had not been killed but was picked up by the rescuers and given medical treatment.  Billy had rescued Grant’s hat, to which Grant responded jokingly, “That’s the important thing.”

Dr. Alan Grant was played by Sam Neill. The character of Dr. Alan Grant is based on real-life paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner.