Dennis T. Nedry (S/F)

Dennis Nedry was Jurassic Park’s chief computer programmer, an overweight and slobbish man who was very much disliked by his coworkers. He designed the system which ran the park and was counted on by John Hammond to keep it up and running, with help from men like Ray Arnold. Nedry, who was experiencing unspecified financial difficulties, felt that Hammond was cheating him out of proper pay for such a difficult job. After failing to persuade Hammond to raise his pay by explaining the issues of running eight Connection Machines and debugging two million lines of code, he turned traitor and secretly met with Lewis Dodgson, who represented a rival genetics company of InGen’s. For a total payment of $1,500,000 dollars (half up front and half on delivery), Nedry agreed to smuggle embryos of all fifteen species of dinosaur off Isla Nublar and give them to Dodgson. To do so, he had to shut down all of the park’s safety systems so as to avoid the electric fences and security cameras. Notably, though, he left the fences to the raptor pen on; Robert Muldoon even commented, “Damn it, even Nedry knew better than to turn off the raptor fences!”

With the power gone, the dinosaurs began to escape from their pens and kill people. On his way to the East Dock to meet Dodgson’s contact with the merchandise in tow, Nedry took a wrong turn and inadvertently wrecked his gas powered jeep. While struggling with the winch to pull the vehicle back onto the road, he encountered a curious, seemingly harmless Dilophosaurus. Much to Nedry’s surprise, the dinosaur quickly turned vicious, spitting its venom into his eyes and blinding him. Nedry scrambled back to the jeep to escape, accidentally losing the embryos in the process, which rolled to the bottom of the hill. At first thinking he was safe, Nedry soon found that the dilophosaur was already in the jeep waiting for him. As the dilophosaur killed and began to eat him, the embryos came to rest under a ledge where they were buried in the mud. Shortly thereafter, Nedry’s body was discovered by Miles Chadwick and Nima.

Various items have been noted at Nedry’s work station, among them a Panic Pete stress toy, a can of JOLT! cola, a wind-up swamp monster, and a picture of Robert Oppenheimer on the side of one computer screen.  His computer station included a Quadra 700 system and an SGI Crimson system.

Dennis T. Nedry was played by Wayne Knight.