Stegosaurus stenops "gigas" (*) (S/F)

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The “covered reptile” was discovered in Colorado in 1886 by M. P. Felch and described by Othniel C. Marsh in 1887. Stegosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic Period about 156 to 151 million years ago. It was 12 meters (40ft) in length, 5.8 meters (19 ft) in height at the top of the plates and 7 tons in weight. Stegosaurus can be found on Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar. Although never witnessed on the tour, it could be seen labeled on the embryo cold storage unit in the lab.

tumblr_lkqn34jURl1qhsdu1o1_1280In 1997 we see the Stegosaurus finally. It has been shown in-film that the species seen are Stegosaurus stenops. S. stenops is actually considered the most popular of Stegosaurus species seen in museums and likely this species was chosen for the Jurassic Park films. From what can be scraped from the film material is that this version of S. stenops reached sizes nearly twice that of known S. stenops specimens available today. The actual size of S. stenops came in with a height of 7 meters (23 ft).

During the beginning of the 1997 Isla Sorna expeditions, when Ian Malcolm, Nick Van Owen, and Eddie Carr were looking for Dr. Sarah Harding, a herd of Stegosaurus were spotted in a forest. It was during this first encounter that Dr. Sarah Harding was found. After a conversation, Dr. Harding went and got up close with a Baby Stegosaurus. Though the encounter was successful at first, after trying to take pictures of the baby ended up spooking the animal, the rest of the herd jumped to it’s defense and the animals used their spiked tails to try and injure her. Dr. Harding narrowly survived the encounter and after this the group went along their way.

A adult and a infant were then seen again at the Harvester’s encampment, when Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen freed the captured Dinosaurs. Unlike most of the other dinosaurs they weren’t seen attacking the base camp and it can be presumed that they went back to their herd.

In 2001, herds of Stegosaurus were spotted on Isla Sorna by the Kirbys and other members of the search party for twelve year old Eric Kirby. A herd was first seen fleeing beneath the shadow of the Kirby’s chartered plane while the herd had been grazing in the open field. Another herd was seen behind several Brachiosaurus as the InGen barge passed an open field while floating down the river.

Jurassic World

Stegosaurus was one of the dinosaur species housed in the Jurassic World attraction on stegosaurus-info-graphicIsla Nublar. Stegosaurus was housed in the Cretaceous Cruise attraction near the Nublar River. In the Cretaceous Cruise attraction, Stegosaurus shared its containment pen with Apatasaurus. Stegosaurus could also be viewed on the Gyrosphere attraction.

The threat level of Stegosaurus is listed as ‘low’ on the Jurassic World in-universe site. The size of the animal is listed as 30ft long and 9ft high.

MARCH 10 2019

After the release of dinosaurs into the outside world in 2018, the animals spread throughout California and

Stegosaurus causing crash

surrounding states. Dashcam footage taken from a car wreck on March 10, 2019 revealed that the cause of the wreck was a Stegosaurus unexpectedly crossing the road, which caused the driver to veer off road, and down a short cliff.