Corythosaurus casuarius (S/F)

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The “helmet reptile” was discovered in 1912 in Alberta, Canada by Barnum Brown and described in 1914. Corythosaurus lived during the Late Cretaceous Period about 80 to 72 million years ago. According to CSC it was 7-7 and half meters (23-25ft) in length, almost 4 meters (13 ft) in height and 3 tons in weight. Corythosaurus is a member of the hadrosaur family. It lived in the middle-late Campanian. It is known from 10 skulls and post cranial skeletons. Juvenile and adults specimens have also been recovered. The juveniles had a small underdeveloped crest which grew when it got older. Corythosaurus was found in the Dinosaur Park Formation(Alberta) Canada. It is likely the crest was used to make low bellowing sounds for communication, or species recognition.

corythosaurus-jp3Corythosaurus was one of several dinosaurs cloned in 1999 by InGen in secret after the company’s acquisition by Masrani Global. The introduction of the species into the established Isla Sorna ecosystem caused considerable chaos, and threw Isla Sorna’s population into imbalance. This imbalance caused a population drop that coincided with a number of species returning to extinction. It can be found on Isla Sorna and be seen traveling in herds with Parasaurolophus. Often known as Carinthosaurus (Corinthosaurus) in the The Lost World: Jurassic Park script and concept art. 1 ton (1000 kilograms) in weight.