Jack (Pet) (S/F)

Jack was an old blue-and-gold macaw (Ara ararauna) featured briefly as Dr. Ellie Degler’s pet bird. While visiting the Deglers’ house for dinner, Dr. Alan Grant tries communicating with the parrot and comments, “He used to know me.” This indicates that Jack once knew Dr. Grant and would say his name, but due to unknown circumstances stopped.

In the original film script, when Dr. Grant remarks “He used to know me,” Ellie responds by saying it’s been six years, indicating that Jack last saw Grant six years ago; this would be in 1995. The original script also has Jack responding “Bull***t!” to Grant’s description of raptor intelligence; Ellie claims that Grant taught him to say this.

Blue-and-gold macaws (also commonly known as blue-and-yellow macaws) are commonly kept as pets around the world, though they are native to South America. Like all macaws, blue-and-golds are renowned for their intelligence and ability to mimic sounds and words.