Sick Triceratops (S/F)


While touring Jurassic Park before the Isla Nublar Incident, a sick Triceratops was encountered by Dr. Grant and the tour group, which was tranquilized by Robert Muldoon before-hand. Simply referred to by Dr. Sattler and Dr. Harding as “the Trike”,  the two discovered that the animals pupils dilate when shown under light; an effect caused by local plant life. Upon inspection of the surrounding area, Dr. Sattler discovered West Indian Lilac, a poisonous species of plant which according to Dr. Harding that the animals do not ingest. Doubting the statement, Dr. Sattler checked the animals droppings, finding no trace of Lilac berries.

Instead, she found traces of the berries in a DinoDroppingsmound of gizzard stones underneath a West Indian Lilac bush. She then hypothesized that the Triceratops had ingested the toxic plant while gathering stones for her gizzard by accident. The berries remained inside the animal’s gizzard until the herbivore eventually regurgitated them along with the gizzard stones when the stones became too worn to be of use to the animal.

It is unknown if the Triceratops did recover from it’s sickness before the eventual napalm bombing of Isla Nublar later on afterwards.