San Diego Incident (S/F)

RawrThe San Diego Incident was a 1997 event involving an InGen Tyrannosaur male loose in the San Diego streets. The incident ended with several casualties and the fate of Isla Sorna, as well as it’s inhabitants, left to the US State Department and Costa Rican Department of Biological Preserves.


TempCampDuring a territorial attack by the Tyrannosaurus rex parents on the final encampment on Isla Sorna, Roland Tembo took the encounter as a chance to bring down the Tyrannosaurus buck that had prompted Roland to join the InGen Harvest Operation in the first place. However, due to sabotage to his hunting rifle by Nick Van Owen, Roland was forced to bring down the T. rex by attempting to overdose it with two tranquilizer darts filled with concentrated carfentanil. However Peter Ludlow, who had been hiding during the attack, comes out to find Roland waiting near the sedated Tyrannosaurus. Using the instance as a chance to recover all the lost effort during the trip, once the emergency air rescue arrives from the InGen Harvest Base, Ludlow orders the Tyrannosaurus into a containment unit to be transferred along with his infant to the Park in San Diego. From here, the Tyrannosaurus buck was loaded onto a boat, while his infant was taken directly to Jurassic Park: San Diego via airplane.

The Incident

During the trip to San Diego, however, the large amount of sedative injected into the Tyrannosaurus male caused him to stop breathing and enter a coma. In a desperate effort to save the T. rex, naltrexone was administered as an antagonist. Unfortunately, the crew did not know how much to give the Tyrannosaurus. This mistake caused an adrenaline-induced rampage from the Trex. He broke out of his containment gear and attacked the crew members, killing many. Although it is possible, it is unknown of any crew survived this attack. Somehow, the Tyrannosaurus was lured into the cargo hold where he stayed until the ship reached San Diego. However, due to the ship now lacking navigation, upon arriving in the InGen Water Front Complex the SS Venture crashed into the dock. Although causing a notable amount of collateral damage, it is unknown if anyone was actually severely injured during the accident.

Rushing on board the boat to secure it and inspect the reason the crew could not be raised on radio, Peter Ludlow, several InGen employees, and Doctors Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding found a bloodied mess. Stumps of limbs and bodies littered the bridge and the cargo hold doors seemed as if they were broken. Ludlow, not knowing of the Tyrannosaurus’ presence there, ordered the cargo hold checked for possible surviving crew members. Ian Malcolm attempted to  stop this, however before he can, the Tyrannosaurus buck busted the cargo hold doors wide open and stomped off the boat and onto the dock; much to the horror of Peter Ludlow. Snapping at anything that got in his way, the Tyrannosaurus broke through the harbor checkpoint and into San Diego.

ThirstySarah and Ian then devised a plan to lure the raging animal back to the ship by using the infant to bring him. Getting the location of the Tyrannosaurus infant from the now shaken Ludlow, the two then set off to retrieve the infant. Meanwhile, the adult had wandered into a San Diego neighborhood. Crashing through the brick wall of a suburban family, the Trex then helped himself to the water in the backyard pool. The family dog, unfazed by much larger size of the intruding Tyrannosaurus, began barking at the T. rex before being silenced by a short growl from the Tyrannosaurus. Benjamin, who had been awakened by the noise in his backyard, woke up to find the Tyrannosaurus peering into his bedroom. Promptly fetching his parents from their own bedroom down the hall,  the trio returned to find that their dog had been eaten.

taking the kidIn the meantime, Ian and Sarah had driven into the Jurassic Park: San Diego construction site and into the infirmary. Quickly retrieving the sedated infant Tyrannosaurus, the two are confronted by a pair of armed InGen security guards. Ian calmly tells them that if they wish to stop Sarah and himself, the guards will have to shoot  them. The two guards decided against firing their weapons and instead watched as the two drove away to put their plan into action.

During this time, the adult had found his way into downtown San Diego, where he terrified everybody he encountered. The T. rex tested his surroundings in various ways including biting traffic lights and smashing a bus into a Blockbuster Video. From here, the adult chased a group of  people, including a group of Japanese men, and succeeded in killing one unlucky man. Coming up on the scene, Sarah shook the infant awake, until it made a low groan. The adult took notice and stormed towards the couple. Driving off back to the ship, the Tyrannosaurus was only held up once as he was surrounded by San Diego Police and Animal Control. However, the brigade quickly retreated at a single angry bellow from the Tyrannosaurus buck.

GoawayOnce continuing his chase of Ian and Sarah, the two found that they were cut off from the water front by a row of warehouses. Deciding there might not be a way through, Ian drove straight into one of the warehouses before he and Sarah abandoned their vehicle with the infant in arm. The adult in pursuit, Sarah and Ian finally reached the InGen Waterfront Complex. However, the two passed Peter Ludlow, who has given the SDPD the order to shoot the adult T. rex, but leave the infant alive. Chasing after Ian and Sarah, demanding they hand over the infant Tyrannosaurus, Ludlow followed them aboard the Venture where Sarah and Ian jumped ship sans the infant. Hearing the infant’s call emanating from the cargo hold, Ludlow descended inside only to unwittingly be followed in by the adult. Grabbing for the growling infant, Ludlow realized only too late that he had been trapped and futiley tried to escape. The adult grabbed Ludlow and gently returned him to the floor where he watched his infant pounce and kill the man.

Above deck, the San Diego Police helicopters had surrounded the open cargo hold. Preparing to open fire, it was only in the nick of time that Sarah shot the adult Tyrannosaurus with a single tranquilizer dart and Ian Malcolm was able to get the cargo hold doors closed and secured.


Following the rampage of the Tyrannosaurus, the world was now aware of the existence of InGen’s dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus, both adult and infant, were returned to Isla Sorna accompanied by an ever increasing escort of naval vessels surrounding the cargo ship. John Hammond then proclaimed his interest in working with the Costa Rican Department of Biological Preserves and US State Department to establish a set of rules and guidelines for the preservation and isolation of Isla Sorna from outside interference. Unfortunately, in the long run, the incident had a negative effect on paleontology. By 2001, the public had little interest in the scientific discipline and rather turned their interest towards the awaiting decision from the two above mentioned organizations on the fate of the island and it’s animals. Until that decision is made, however, Isla Sorna falls under the jurisdiction of the United Nations and is guarded incessantly by UN patrols.