Dimorphodon macronyx (S/F)

10989232_889620567749122_4450706567968318220_onublarindicatorA species of pterosaur that first originated in the mid Jurassic Period, the name Dimorphodon translates to “two-form tooth”, which refers to the animals heterodontic teeth, rare for reptilians. Discovered at Lyme Regis, in the United Kingdom (now a World Heritage Site, known as the “Jurassic Coast”) in 1828 by fossil collector Mary Anning, Dimorphodon was originally classified under the genus Pterodactylus, until later reclassified by Richard Own in 1858. With a wingspan of roughly 2.3 meters (8ft), and weighing only 3 pounds, Dimorphodon was a smaller pterosaur, compared to larger taxa like Pteranodon. Dimorphodon is carnivorous, feeding primarily on insects and fish, however do eat larger prey items on occasion.

Dimorphodon attacking a human
Dimorphodon attacking Zara Young on Isla Nublar.

The Dimorphodon is one of the prehistoric species housed in the Jurassic World theme park. It is kept in an aviary attraction, and is known to be moderately aggressive.

The Dimorphodon, along with their larger ‘housemates’, were set free by the rogue Indominus rex after it had escaped. The Indominus, chased by a minigun-armed Asset Containment Unit helicopter piloted by Simon Masrani

Once there, both species of pterosaur, now driven to a frenzied, aggressive state both by their own aggression, the helicopter crash, and the sudden intrusion into their territory by the strange and unnatural hybrid, began to attack any and all visitors to Jurassic World in sight. The Dimorphodon, though small, proved able attackers, swooping at high speeds and sweeping guests off their feet using sheer momentum.

During the chaos, as Claire Dearing and Owen Grady arrived in search for Dearing’s two nephews, Zach and Gray Mitchel, one Dimorphodon knocked Grady off his feet and knocking his tranq gun away in the process, the aggressive pterosaur’s teeth snapping mere inches from Owen’s face as he struggled against it. Claire managed to pick up the gun and, despite her unfamiliarity, hit the struggling Dimorphodon with several shots, saving Grady’s life.

Most of the rest were also pacified with nonlethals by ACU; however, one, having flown off over the Pacific and seen by an InGen Security team called in by Vic Hoskins, was callously and casually killed by a single shot despite making no motions to attack the team’s helicopter at the time, its corpse falling into the ocean never to be seen again.