John Raymond “Ray” Arnold (S/F) / (S/F-T/G)

One of Jurassic Park’s computer programmers/control room technicians, “Ray” Arnold was an apparent chain-smoker; he was rarely seen without a cigarette in his mouth. He was the one who started the tour program, then noticed the vehicle headlights remained on and would not respond to remote commands and commented they had all the problems of a major theme park and a major zoo.

When Dennis Nedry shut down the park’s safety systems, it was Arnold who was given the bothersome task of finding out what he did and how to fix it. After failing to get past Nedry’s hacker-style blocks, Arnold reluctantly agreed that shutting off the power would erase all Nedry did and then the system would come back on in its original startup mode. He was able to shut down the power from the control room, but to properly restore it, he had to go to the generator shed. He never returned. Upon going after him, Dr. Ellie Sattler found only his severed arm.

Jurassic Park: The Game extends another middle name for the character by saying it is “Allen” so the full name would be “John Raymond Allen Arnold.” Thankfully, this oversight has been accounted for with granting that elements of JPTG are considered soft-canon. This means that some elements are canonical, other elements aren’t canonical. So this discrepancy is otherwise accounted for officially by NBC Universal and the creative team behind the series now.

Ray Arnold was played by Samuel L. Jackson.