Artie Bridges (S/F-T/G)

Artie Bridges was a former employee of Jurassic Park, who was the head of the janitorial staff. Although not seen during the Isla Nublar Incident, he is mentioned by Dr. Laura Sorkin when she talks about her ‘radio show’, where she would hack into the system and play some choice cuts from her collection of music. According to her, he would beg her to let him sing some of his songs, saying it was his dream to be in radio.

Later on, when Billy Yoder accidentally turns off the power, when it comes back on, the system plays a recording of Artie Bridges, taped seemingly before the Isla Nublar Incident. Before the tape ends, he sings a song which is played during Oscar Morale’s battle with a Velociraptor.

Afterwards, he is not mentioned again. It is presumed that he made it off the island alive, as it’s said by Dr. Sorkin that “it sounds like he recorded this last bit of tape, and then took off.”