Lockwood Mansion (S/F)

Lockwood Mansion

Lockwood Mansion was situated in Northern California, about 5 miles away from the city of Orick. The house was situated as being relatively isolated, surrounded on all sides by a dense forest. The Manor was home to Benjamin Lockwood, Maisie Lockwood, and Iris Carrol. Eli Mills also appeared to reside there at least part time, as manager of Lockwood’s estate.

The manor was extremely large, having at least five above ground floors, and two sublevel basements. The Mansion also had a large, well manicured lawn, as well as an extensive front driveway. Attached to the manor was a loading dock, with three loading bays, which was not directly visible from the front entrance of the manor. From this loading dock, it was possible to access the sublevel basements.

The manor was accessed by a winding staircase, and opened up into the first floor. Much of the first floor appeared to be taken up by a large museum, which had a sublevel of a library that was accessed by several winding stairs around the room. This museum consisted of various dioramas of dinosaur statues, as well as fossil skeletons displayed throughout the room. Fossils were also displayed in cabinets against the walls, and situated throughout the room. Prominently displayed was a diorama of Sanctuary Island towards the back end of the room. The central part of the museum was covered by a domed glass roof.

The Museum specimens are listed here separated by fossil skeletons and dioramas.

Fossil Skeletons:

  1. Proceratoceratops
  2. Velociraptor
  3. Kosmoceratops
  4. Teratophoneus
  5. Peloroplites
  6. Agujaceratops
  7. Herrerasaurus (Skull)
  8. Smilodon (Skull)


  1. Dimetrodon
  2. Dracorex
  3. Diplodocus (infants)
  4. Concavenator
  5. Monoykus
  6. Dilophosaurus
  7. Velociraptor

At the end of this room was an elevator- one of several elevators in the mansion, as Lockwood was unable to take the stairs. There were security panels both on the inside and outside of the elevator, which required a code as well as an access key to access the elevator from the basement as well as vice versa.  There was also a panel allowing the rider to select which floor they wished to go to, although restricted floors may have required the use of the code first.

Three of the upstairs rooms were showcased, Maisie’s room, Lockwood’s bedroom, and what appeared to be a study for Eli Mills. Mill’s study composed of a large desk, and a table, one for performing office work and estate affairs, and on the other table was an advanced holographic interface. His office may have been to the side of the house, as the forest is clearly visible through the windows.  It is possible it may have also functioned as a meeting area due to the number of chairs around the table.

Lockwood’s room was dominated primarily by his bed, as he was unable to move freely without use of his wheelchair. There was a dumbwaiter in his bedroom for moving small loads between floors without having to physically take them downstairs. This system appears to have been placed throughout the floors of the mansion, although it is unknown if it connected to the dumbwaiter in the basement.

Maisie’s Bedroom

Maisie’s bedroom was shown to be situated right next to the stairways, in the front of the house as the driveway was visible from the bedroom window. Besides her bed, there was ample room for toys, as well as couches and chairs in her room. Her room had access to a balcony that was able to be closed by a set of double doors as well as curtains for added privacy.

The Basement

The basement was divided into two sublevels, both of which were accessible via the elevator. There was also a basement stair between levels. The top sublevel to the basement contained a laboratory, where illegal genetic work was conducted. The Indoraptor was cloned here by Dr. Henry Wu, cloned from a specimen of the Indominus Rex tooth that was prominently on display.


The Laboratory was designated as a restricted area, and would have required additional authorization to enter. The laboratory consisted of multiple rooms, containing advanced dna sequencing equipment and computer banks. It is unknown how many dinosaurs Dr. Wu successfully cloned in this laboratory, however prominently on display in the laboratory are two incubators appearing to hold at least 6 eggs each.

Control Room

Adjacent to the laboratory was a control room, which contained a cctv feed of areas around the entire mansion grounds, as well as a control panel from which the containment cells on the lower sublevel as well as the door to the outside could be closed or opened. The control room was only accessible by authorized personnel as there was a card key station on the door.

Both levels of the basement

The basement lower level consisted of several rows of cages on both sides of the room. These cages could be locked or opened either manually or by means of the upstairs control panel. It was in one of these cages that the Indoraptor was housed for most of it’s life. The loading dock led directly into these cages, and animals could be securely transported in and out into waiting trucks with minimal risk. The loading dock had special freight elevators that go to the basement so that direct access to the mansion was not necessary.

Service Corridor

There appear to have been service corridors that split off from the basement, that led towards the upstairs. During their escape from captivity in Lockwood Manor, Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Maisie Lockwood used the service corridor to spy on the dinosaur auction from the safety of a vent.

The auction room was a large room filled with a chairs, and multiple television screens, and the focal point of it

Auction Room

was the auction podium. It was accessible from the basement service elevator. This room had an direct connection to the loading dock bay, and a long track ran through the center of the room so that dinosaur cages could be rolled out for display, and then shipped immediately out to a waiting truck after a purchase.