Jurassic Park: San Diego (S/F)

Long before John Hammond ever conceived the idea of placing Jurassic Park on an island, he planned to have the park situated in San Diego, California. For reasons unknown, the operations were shifted to Isla Nublar; all we can do is speculate about why Nublar was chosen over San Diego. It may have been that the location was simply more convenient, or may have helped to contain the animals, or it could have just been cheaper to build on an island in terms of labor costs. Whatever the reason, InGen only revisited the idea in 1997 when Peter Ludlow took charge of the company and decided to lead an expedition to Isla Sorna, from which he would take dinosaurs to be placed in the San Diego park. Whether InGen intended to capture carnivorous dinosaurs is entirely speculative at this point, though carnivores were included in the pamphlets that Ludlow’s team had on their persons while on the island.

This map is the result of an effort by the Jurassic Park Legacy Research staff to correct the mistakes made by the original version by Márcio Luiz Freire de Albuquerque. Originally, the map had the all too common fallacies of mixing film canon with novel canon, and has since been revised and modified for the purposes of accuracy in the Jurassic Park Encyclopedia.

Throughout the map project, we tried to remain loyal to the films whenever it came to speculation. Unfortunately, not much is known about the San Diego attraction aside from that it would feature a central arena with shows as well as security for an herbivore-oriented park. What little is known is taken from concept art, depicted in these four pieces to your left below the map.

Our speculation comes primarily from conceptual art seen in the film. Most of this speculation pertains to the placement of various paddocks as well as amenities such as restaurants, souvenir shops, and a playground, as well as the naming of these places based on known concept art.

The dinosaurs seen on this map are listed based on what InGen is known to have captured during their expedition to Isla Sorna in 1997; essentially, these are speculative projections for what InGen may have planned to include in the revitalized Jurassic Park: San Diego. Animal placement is, again, speculation based on conceptual art as seen in the film, with animal identifications made to the best of our ability. It is possible that InGen planned to capture juvenile sauropods such as Brachiosaurus or Mamenchisaurus, both of which are definitively known to exist at Site B, judging from the concept art, though this is by no means a confirmation.

The building placement and naming conventions, we admit, are the result of artistic licensing and based on some of the names from Universal’s Island of Adventure’s Jurassic Park ride. This is not an attempt to pass these off as “canon,” per se, but our attempt at identifying what the buildings could possibly have been used for, had the San Diego facility been successfully completed and opened to the public.