BioSyn (S/F)

Merely described as a “rival genetics company” and left nameless in its first appearance the organization is a shady, anonymous genetic engineering company which competes with John Hammond‘s InGen. It is shown in Jurassic Park that at least one member of the company, Lewis Dodgson, will resort to industrial espionage when desperate, bribing InGen workers (like Dennis Nedry) to steal valuable dinosaur embryos.

The company seems to make a considerable amount of revenue, as they were willing to pay Nedry up to $1,500,000 ($750,000 up front and $50,000 for each embryo he managed to get them) in exchange for stealing viable dinosaur embryos from Isla Nublar. A modified Barbasol Shaving Cream can was invented to store the embryos.  A worker was also stationed on the boat, and was meant to meet Nedry for the final transaction. However, a tropical storm prompted the ship’s captain to leave early. Though a back-up plan involving Miles Chadwick and Nima Cruz had been organized, in the end, the company was left without the embryos due to Nedry and Chadwick’s deaths.

Though the company is never named in the films, the obvious implication is that it is BioSyn, the rival genetics company of InGen in the original novels, of which Lewis Dodgson was the head of research. The BioSyn name would be canonized thanks to the Jurassic World Official Site after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s release in 2018 with the name being used on Nedry’s entry in the Intel Portion of the site.