Charlie (S/F)

Charlie, showing off the black striping on her back.

Charlie (Serial Number: E-377 as per Jurassic World: The Game) was one of the four Velociraptors trained by park employee Owen Grady for the Jurassic World theme park. She was dark green with black, faded stripes running down her back. Her distinctive green striping comes from the DNA of the green iguana. Charlie is the youngest member of the pack, and considered to be the least-experienced of them in hunting. She, along with her three other packmates, lived in the Raptor Paddock.

The 2015 Isla Nublar Incident:

Earlier in the day, she (along with the other Raptors) attacked Leon when he fell into their paddock. Later on, she and her siblings were fitted with infra-red cameras and released into the wild to track down the Indominus rexWhen the pack turned against Owen and the others, she attacked the troops, dragging and killing one of the ACU soldiers.

Shortly after, Owen stumbled upon her in tall grass (presumably feeding on something, likely a deceased trooper). She stared curiously at Owen for a few moments, but was then killed by a rocket launcher missile.