Kenji Kon (S/F)

Kenji on his way to Camp Cretaceous

According to the initial press release, Kenji Kon was described as the self described leader of the group of children at Camp Cretaceous. His parents were major investors in Jurassic World, and he has grown jaded and bored with the dinosaurs. Kenji was chosen as one of the  one of the six campers attending Camp Cretaceous at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar. Kenji is familiar with most of the systems of the island, and how they work.


Kenji is fifteen years old, and appears to come from a very rich family, as he states that he lives in a mansion that is equipped with a bowling alley. However, his father is very distant, and apparently spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Candy. Unlike most of the other campers, Kenji has visited the park several times, claiming to have a familiarity with the workings of Jurassic World. Among his claims are that his father owns a condominium unit on the Island.

Kenji Kon arrives onto Jurassic World via helicopter, as he greets the rest of the campers on the docks. After initial introductions, the campers are driven to Camp Cretaceous by their co-counselors, only stopping briefly as the counselors attempt to recapture an escaped Compsognathus. Reaching the camp, they are given a brief overview of the camp rules, before they get a chance to unpack. That night, all of the campers, including Kenji, get a chance to ride a zipline over the dinosaur herd in Gyrosphere Valley.

Before bedtime, Kenji confronts Darius in the camp dorms, bragging about his family being rich, and owning condos on the island. He attempts to bully the other kid, but Brooklynn‘s intrusion distracts him, and the three of them decide to sneak out to the Compy enclosure. When they get there, Ken and Brooklyn fight over her phone which results in it’s falling into the enclosure. Kenji attempts to sneak into the enclosure after retrieving the phone, despite Darius’s and Brooklynn’s warnings that it was not the compy pen. He nearly gets attacked by Blue, who is startled and agitated by him taking a picture with the camera phone. As the raptor stalks him, Darius distracts Blue, while Brooklynn attempts to open the gate. Delta, Echo, and Charlie join Blue to corner Darius and Ken as the episode cuts to a cliffhanger.

Just as it seems they are going to be eaten, Roxie turns on the pen lights, using meat as a distraction to rescue them. As the animal handlers deal with the raptors, Dave and Roxie become angry with them for their trespassing into the paddock .While waiting in the dorms, Darius confronts Kenji over his motivation for going into the enclosure but doesn’t get a solid answer. Kenji then confides to him that he was trying to make his father proud, just before Dave and Roxie begin to lecture them regarding their irresponsible behavior. Darius lies to cover for Kenji, which he goes along with. However, Brooklynn’s account contradicts them, so they are warned that they have one more chance or they will be kicked out.

As punishment, Darius and Kenji are tasked with cleaning up dinosaur poop, while the others take a tour of the labs. As they clean up the poop, they begin arguing over their task. Kenji claims to be a frequent visitor to the park, attempting to bribe Darius. He leads him to the entrance to a tunnel that he claims is part of a network connecting the whole island. Kenji leads him to what he claims is a dinosaur quarantine area for the more aggressive animals. They exit outwards to the Carnotaurus pen through the tunnel.

As they walk through the jungle, Kenji and Darius have difficulty with traversing the difficult terrain. Kenji reveals he was manipulating Darius, after he confronts him after being caught in a lie about his dad. As they find the fence, they are unsure what side of the fence they are on, just as the Carnotaurus approaches from behind them and gives chase. The pair run quickly through the forest, managing to evade the Carnotaurus by using the environment to their advantage. Finally, they manage to escape just barely by crawling through a feeding grate. The Carnotaurus smashes his face on the cage, leaving a scar, as Kenji taunts it, referring to it as ‘Toro.’ The group reunites, as they are taken back to Camp Cretaceous. That night, He is among the group listening to campfire stories, before rain forces them inside the dormitories.

In the morning, the campers are by their counselors to Gyrosphere Valley, to help round up the dinosaurs as park personnel lead the dinosaurs to fresh grazing grounds. After trying to get a position at the driver’s seat, Kenji ends up in the passenger’s seat  of a Gyrosphere, as Ben drives. Ken mocks Ben for driving too slowly, shortly after, the counselors cut the activity short due to an approaching storm, and ride out to warn the other employees.  Initially planning to stay put, Kenji and Ben end up attempting to assist the others in herding a lone Sinoceratops back to it’s enclosure.

As the campers attempt to corral the Sinoceratops, Kenji and Ben argue over the controls. The lack of coordination from the campers results in the Sinoceratops sending Darius and Brooklynn’s gyrosphere into the thick of the herd, disrupting the entire herd and causing the dinosaurs to break into a panicked stampede.

Ben Driving the Gyrosphere

Attempting to outrun the herd, Ben allows Kenji to drive, and he immediately proceeds to wreck the Gyrosphere. They are quickly reunited with Yasmina and Sammy and all four of them are forced to ride in one gyrosphere together. The group discover that Darius and Brooklynn are trapped in a sinkhole, and quickly attempt to pull them out, succeeding with the aid of a nearby Sinoceratops.

Jurassic World Incident:

The next morning, the campers are left alone by their counselors, as they head to the main park in an attempt to contact Claire Dearing regarding the recent incidents. As the campers settle into waiting,  Benji and Ken blame Darius for the incident of the previous day, joining the group in refusing to go on an alternate activity while the counselors are away. The group is distracted by the sound of an approaching dinosaur, and they decide to head to the observation tower to try to determine where the roar is coming from. The campers successfully break into the tower and climb it, seemingly relieved to see the noise is only a Brachiosaurus feeding.

Brooklynn on the zipline

The tower begins to rock, and Sammy nearly falls, only to be saved by Yasmina, and then pulled up by the combined efforts of Darius and Kenji as well. The group attempt to use the zip line to escape, just as the emergency break trips, leaving them stranded in the center of the zip line. The zip-line snaps shortly therafter, sending the kids crashing down into the ground.

The campers wake up disoriented and swiftly decide to make for the safety of camp. However, upon reaching the camp, they find that it is completely destroyed. Kenji would go along with the other campers in following Darius to the main park to attempt to summon help. During their trek to the main park, Kenji initially tries to claim that he should make all decisions as he is leadership material, then delegates all the responsibility to Darius.

It is revealed by Ben that at some point Kenji told the rest of the campers about the earlier incident with the Carnotaurus, leading to some friction between him and Darius. The group are soon accompanied by Bumpy, and Kenji’s prompting spurs Darius to lead the group towards the Field Genetics Lab.

The group finds an abandoned ACU van, which Kenji is forced to drive, as they are then pursued by the Indominus Rex. He drives the van off the road, coming to a stop just inside the genetics lab, where they are able to temporarily seek shelter. Finding the scientist inside, Eddie, he quickly abandons them and attempts to steal their van. As the group run outside, they find that the Indominus attacks the van, and kills the scientist.

Shocked at Sammy’s betrayal

The group is forced into hiding in the nearby crates, as the Indominus stalks them. However, they are able to reach the van just in time, although Yasmina stops Kenji from driving again. They make contact with their Counselors, as Roxie calls them over the radio, and Kenji and Darius inform them that the camp was destroyed. However, before they can celebrate, the group is distracted, and Yasmina crashes the van into a tree.

After the group recovers from the crash, they witness witness Masrani’s helicopter chasing the Indominus, before it breaks open the Aviary. The pteranadons are released, crashing the helicopter, and proceed to pursue the group. The children run to the safety of the Kayak River, after Kenji determines that this location is the best place to hide. The campers then encounter a cave lit by bioluminescent bacteria, and a large waterfall.

As the campers start to paddle along the river, they then encounter some Parasaurolophus in the The Parasaurs become agitated by Bumpy’s cries, starting to attack the Kayaks, before they abruptly flee. The group are then almost sucked into a side tunnel due to a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaurus Lagoon. The Mosasaur begins circling them, and so the campers make for the safety of the spectator stands.

Kenji and Brooklynn make it to the ladder, as the rest of the group are still too far away. As Yasmina causes a distraction to buy the others time, Kenji manipulates the feeding controls, so that it hoists up the feeder chain. Kenji then proceeds to reel it in to safety, as the mosasaur lunges, narrowly missing her, severing the line, but allowing her to land safely. The campers take a moment to breathe as they hear a siren alerting them of the impending evacuation.

The group attempts to reach the monorail in order to beat the evacuation warning, however, just as the group reaches the Monorail, they are blocked off by the Carnotaurus.  The group decides to attempt to sneak past while it’s back is turned. Reaching the top of the platform, they reach the monorail as it arrives, only for the announcement system to loudly alert the Carnotaurus to their presence. The predator gives chase but has difficulty climbing up the stairs, tripping and falling halfway up. Darius runs to rescue Yasmina, as Ken holds the doors open to buy them time.

The group celebrates as they believe their rescue and evacuation is imminent, as the Monorail continues towards the South Docks. The campers discuss what they want to do once they are rescued, and then toast to surviving the events of the day. However, after their mood is soured once they hear a distant explosion, and the group settles towards a sullen silence. Shortly after, something large crashes into the Monorail.

It quickly becomes apparent that the Monorail is under attack by a flock of Pteranadons. the group arms themselves with flashlights as they attempt to destroy the light fixtures to try to ward off the attack. As the attack continues, Darius leads the group to another train car in their attempt to evade. They then see the up ahead, that the pteranodons are attacking another monorail car which has broken down in the middle of the track.

Kenji joins the group in using the lights to distract the Pteranadons to buy time for Ben to be able to reach the access panel. However, he can do nothing but watch helplessly as Ben falls to an uncertain fate on the jungle below. The group mourns their fallen friend, as several of them descend into grief. However, after Darius discovers the Monorail is re-routing back to its original position, he realizes there is nothing to do but jump off the train.

Despite their misgivings, the group leap off the train, landing roughly into the middle of the jungle. Kenji realizes that Bumpy was not with them when they landed, and starts shouting, as some in the group want to go look for Bumpy and Ben, but they realize that they can make it to the ferry if they leave immediately, and the group reluctantly agrees.

Seeking a shortcut, Darius calls on Kenji to lead them to the maintenance tunnels in the hope that one leads to the docks. The group makes their way into the tunnels, but quickly become lost. They see their way barred by security gates, as they realize that the park is locking itself down Kenji begins to get frustrated, lashing out at the group, even as they are interrupted by the sound of a dinosaur approaching inside the tunnels.

As the shadow of the dinosaur comes closer, Kenji prepares for immediate attack, only for it to turn out to be a group of Compsognathus. The compys advance on the group, even as Kenji continues to argue with the group. He keeps them at bay with the dinosaur prod, as a few enterprising individuals keep jumping forward.

The group’s arguing and the Compy’s advance is stopped by the approach of the advancing Carnotaurus down the tunnels. The predator pursues the children through the tunnels, until they manage to evade it utilizing a floor grate. Their attempts to break through to a different area alert the Carnotaurus, who finds their hiding place. Narrowly escaping the predator, the group manages to escape into the tunnel branch nearest the docks.

Their cheer is short-lived, as they discover the exit has been sealed off. .  Kenji leads the rest of the group to reassures Darius that he is the one that has helped the group survive, and that they must work together to get through the apparent trap. The children start to open the crates in the area to determine if there is anything useful inside.

As the Carnotaurus approaches, Yaz and Kenji utilize the dinosaur prod to light a fuse on the crate. However, the animal charges the cart, sending the tanks flying everywhere, and causing a fire to start. The Carnotaur proceeds to attack the group, as they narrowly evade it in the confined space. As the attack continues, several air tanks are pushed against the wall, and an explosion follows shortly after, previously wounding the Carnotaurus, and creating a hole in the wall, allowing them to escape.

Discovering the Ferry has left them behind

As the group stumbles out of the wreckage, they are stunned to see that the Carnotaurus has also survived, although it is heavily scarred. The animal decides to leave to heal from its injuries rather then attempt a confrontation. Just then, the campers realize that the explosion created an exit passageway, only to find that Jurassic World has been evacuated. They decide to stay safe and take care of each other until they are rescued.

A few days later, Kenji and the rest of the campers are pursued by a Parasaurolophus,  just before it is attacked and killed by a Tyrannosaurus rex.  Kenji would agree to go with Darius when he determines that the group should go to Main Street, perhaps attempting to find supplies there. The campers decide to try and find a place to eat and rest, as Yasmina is still injured. The campers arrive to find that Main Street has been abandoned and largely in ruins due to the fight between the Indominus and the Tyrannosaurus. Looking down at the broken fencing at the Mosaurus Lagoon, they deduce that it has been killed by the Mosasaurus.

The group sees Brooklyn’s Standee

As they traverse Main Street, Kenji takes the moment to jokingly ask Brooklynn to autograph a phone charger on sale for him. The group follows Darius as he leads the charge through the destroyed shops to look for a way to communicate. They quickly deduce there is no power, as the phones aren’t working. Meanwhile, Kenji finds walkie talkies that they can use to talk to each other.

As the group spreads out to find a possible distress beacon, Brooklynn begins to document herself and the campers searching on Main Street utilizing Kenji as a cameraman. Kenji finds a scooter rental, as various campers use the scooters to be able to ride and document themselves more efficiently throughout the street. As the campers continue to search, the Tyrannosaurus stalks towards Main Street. Kenji finds frozen pizzas for food, although they are unable to eat it as it has not thawed. However, as they leave the food to thaw, it attracts Compys, and the group is forced to throw it away to distract the scavengers

After failing to find the beacon or supplies, the campers decide to rest, until Darius comes up with a revelation that the beacon must be disguised. So the campers now attempt to look for camoflauged items in hopes of finding the beacon. They find a broken pole, and determine it has been dragged off into the T-Rex Kingdom, quickly realizing that the Tyrannosaur is gathering them to make a nest.

Sammy and Yasmina stay behind to recon while Darius and Kenji go in, communicating with walkie talkies, in case of anything going wrong. They climb the nest, even as Kenji complains the entire time. Kenji and Darius pry the housing open, even as Sammy warns them that the Rex is headed back to the lair. Meanwhile, Darius and Kenji get the housing open just as the Rex approaches. The campers eventually manage to activate the beacon, before fleeing from Main Street, and the Tyrannosaur.

The group continues to look for somewhere to stay, as they also cannot move to the penthouse as Kenji’s dad changed the locks due to his failing algebra. Later, the campers would decide to return to the ruins of Camp Cretaceous to set up a base camp. The group separates as one group aims to gather supplies, and then the other to stay at the camp. Kenji offers to stay behind to ensure that Yasmina rests from her injury.

Kenji works through the task of trying to look for supplies, but gives it the bare minimal effort before he attempts to take a nap. Confronting him, Yasmina attempts to coerce him to do it, although Kenji tells her he will con the others into gather supplies. Yasmina begrudgingly sits with him by his resting tree before leaving as soon as he looks away. Kenji reluctantly goes after her. As Kenji follows Yasmina, he discovers she has a plan to move the debris away. He tries to call her out for not resting. Yasmina argues that she has a strong competitive spirit and determination and calls him out for being lazy.

Kenji carries Yasmina

However, as she tries to move without a crutch, she falls, and realizes she sprained her leg worse. Kenji carries Yasmina on his back, to the camp briefly, as they continue to argue. Yasmina tries to limp away by herself, as Kenji attempts to apologize. Yasmina confides in him that she feels useless, as Kenji tries to reassure her. Eventually, he ends up carrying her all the way back to camp, where they decide to rest.

The campers run back to the camp, reuniting with Kenji and Yasmina, as they seek shelter in the trees to escape from the stampede. Darius has an idea of building a treehouse, and the group builds it together as a team.

Some weeks later, the group has managed to make a functional shelter, with a working shower, which is safe from most predators. Darius goes to get more water for Kenji’s shower, but calls the group over when he discovers the stream has apparently run dry. Kenji and Darius go to investigate the source of the river draining. Kenji questions why Darius is so committed to documenting his experiences in the notebook, and Darius begins to explain but is ignored. Kenji is unimpressed, as Darius attempts to engage with him, being cynical as he knows more about the secrets of the island. They come across a waterfall that appears to be non-functional.

Darius and Kenji climb the waterfall, and determine that there is a blockage at the top caused by a fallen tree. They are unsuccessful entirely in removing the tree, as they hear a roaring which proves to be two stegosaurus fighting. Darius has the idea of distracting the Stegosaurus, even as Kenji tries to pull him away, before deciding to help him. The Stegoaurs charge them, but the kids duck in time, just so that the dinosaurs swinging tail helps free the log, allowing the water to flow again.

Darius and Kenji observe the watering hole

However, the kids narrowly escape the dinosaurs, only to run into a Ceratosaurus. The Ceratosaurus faces down the kids for a few moments, before turning and walking away in order to head to a newly filled watering hole, where a large group of animals are gathered. Darius encourages Kenji to get closer to the watering hole, despite his clear reluctance. They both drink from the watering hole, as they watch the scene around them, and Kenji finally admits that he enjoys it. Kenji agrees to stay a little longer to observe the dinosaurs.

As the group reconnects back at the camp, they each inform the other group of their various successes in their objectives. The group decide to throw a party inside their nearby camp, even as Kenji presents them with music from a tape recorder he found. As the group begins to celebrate, Sammy points out to the group a meteor shower, as night begins to fall. Just then, they witness what appears to be a campfire burning in the distance.

The campers decide to go seek out the bonfire and run towards the spot where they believe they saw it. Excited at the possibility of rescue,the group becomes upset as Darius climbs a tree and cannot find the fire. Kenji and the group become upset that they missed their chance for rescue, before they hear a roar in the underbrush, which is revealed to be a Ceratosaur, which they run from.

The Ceratosaur gives chase to the campers, and Kenji falls behind, as the campers go back for him, they make a stand, before it is interrupted by a flare gun. The flares scare the dinosaur away, as their saviors are revealed to be two men and a woman, Mitch and Tiff, claiming to be eco-tourists. The group question their apparent rescuers, but are met with vague answers. Tiff claims to have received the distress signal after the boat dropped them off, and introduces them to the other man Hap, claiming he is their tour guide.

Kenji and Darius enjoy breakfast in camp

The trio lead them to their well-appointed camp, which has yurts with bedrooms, and a picnic table. Mitch and Tiff supply the group with a lavishly appointed breakfast, as they enjoy a proper meal. Mitch promises them rescue in two days after their boat arrives back from the mainland, and the campers celebrate.

Kenji finds Brooklynn attempting to sneak into a yurt, and questions her, as they make plans to sneak into a yurt that Hap has entered. Brooklynn and Kenji set off an alarm trying to sneak in the Yurt. Hap becomes angry, although Tiff attempts to calm him down as Mitch reassures them that Hap is very protective of his stuff.

Brooklynn is alone with Kenji at the camp. They try to sneak into the yurt again, but are confronted by Hap who was waiting for them. As punishment, Hap keeps a stricter watch over the two, although Brooklynn and Kenji appear to fall asleep. Hap leaves to answer the radio, as the two manage to sneak closer and overhear the conversation which appears threatening, and so they flee the camp. They are chased by Hap through the jungle, and he nearly captures Brooklynn and has the two cornered, just before he is knocked out by Ben, and a now grown up Bumpy.

The campers Interrogate Hap

Kenji and Brooklynn embrace him, even as they realize that they need to deal with Hap. They tie Hap up, even as Ben leads the interrogation. The group makes the decision to head to a nearby garage to obtain a vehicle. As the group come across the garage,  Bumpy has a bad reaction, as a dinosaur growls nearby. As Brooklynn peers around a corner, she finds the Baryonyx trio, Chaos, Grim and Limbo, roaming nearby. The Baryonyx trio are alerted by Bumpy, even as Kenji tries to open the door, but it is activated by Brooklynn’s keycard.

The group escape into the garage just as the Baryonyx trio nearly find them. Seeing the garage apparently empty, Brooklynn decides to use her key on a hidden door in the garage, which unlocks and inadvertently opens the main door. Attempting to make a distraction as the Baryonynx charge the door, Brooklynn and Kenji ride the motorbike, with Hap in the sidecar, while Ben escapes with Bumpy. The garage explodes, stunning the Baryonyx, so that the group can get away.

Ben veers off road attempting to distract them, even as the trio continues to be pursued, they are chased through a host of obstacles, including a cluster of narrow rocks. Seeing that they are outnumbered, Hap begs them to untie him, and he is untied by Kenji as he uses the shock stick against the Baryonyx. Seeing this is still not good enough, Hap unlocks the sidecar, staying behind as he is confronted by the Baryonyx, allowing Kenji and Brooklynn to get away.

Later that night,Yasmina runs into Brooklynn and Kenji informing them of the danger posed by the hunters. However, Yasmina shows them the map, informing them that Darius is really leading them to Main Street. The group attempts to travel to Main Street using the Maintenance tunnels, but is blocked by a dead end. Instead, they head down another pathway which leads them to a control room.

Kenji watches the rex attack on Main Street

Kenji manages to turn the control room power on, even as Brooklynn manages to turn back the lights on in Main Street, as well as the rest of the park. Meanwhile at the control room, Kenji sees a glowing green button, pressing it, which shorts out the power to a tank containing an unknown cryogenically frozen creature.  After establishing contact with Darius over the intercom, Brooklynn stays behind at the control center, as Kenji runs to pick up Darius and Sammy on the motorbike, and he swiftly catches up with them.

Meanwhile, Kenji, Darius and Sammy follow the tracks on their bike, even as Kenji has considerable difficulty keeping it steady. Just as the Hunters threatend Darius and Brooklynn. Just then, the rest of the campers, including Kenji, arrive, using their vehicles to scare the dinosaurs away from the watering hole. s the other campers celebrate their apparent victory, they realize that the herd has turned around, and is stampeding in their direction, fleeing from the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The group flees as well.

The group is reunited

The Rex pursues the campers as well, but they manage to evade the animal for the moment by winding their way though the herd. Eventually the group manages to make it to the dock to meet up with Darius.

Six Months later:


with the children attempting escape from Isla Nublar upon a makeshift raft, even as they wave goodbye to Bumpy. Kenji and Sammy eagerly bid farewell to the island, just as the waves begin to increase in intensity. The group’s raft is destroyed after a large wave, and the group dejectedly walks back to the Camp, even as Ben happily reunites with Bumpy.

Darius confers with the others about their plans

The children, led by Darius addresses the other campers in a group roundtable, attempting to assess what escape plans worked, and which didn’t. As Darius asks for ideas, the group eventually decides that a raft is the way to go. Kenji brings up that there are Hang Gliders at Lookout Point to the mountains. Darius gets excited, and Kenji points out that they could use it as a sail. The group uses the Sky Gondolas to be able to reach the lookout point.

Sammy and Kenji bond over rocking their own lift. As the other half of the group gets to Lookout Point, they survey the view from the top, Sammy calls Kenji over to see something through the goggles, just as a Dimorphodon attacks. As the children try to flee, more Dimorphodons attack, leaving them with no other option to escape but the Gondolas. Kenji and Sammy flee into one, barely managing to escape.As the group reconnects, they are excited to be able to have found Mitch and Tiff’s abandoned boat, deciding to use it as an escape vehicle.

ith the campers changed into bathing gear, cautiously approaching the boat from the ocean. They begin to carefully search the boat, finding claw marks, but finding no sign of anyone or any animals in the boat. They uncover the pilots room, and determine that Tiff was attacked by an animal. Darius determines that they should go to the Northwest dock to get fuel for the boat.

Darius and Brooklynn are suddenly frightened by the sound of a door opening slightly in the boat, only to be scared when Kenji jumps out in an attempt to surprise them, Ben heads back to the shore, even as Kenji offers to drive the boat to the dock. He manages to get the engine to work just enough to take them to the dock. Kenji floats the idea of having a party on the yacht to the group, even as the rest of the group readily agree. The campers take some to rest and relax in the meantime.

Kenji begins to get suspicious of Brooklynn and Darius’s attempts to prank him, but is successfully diverted by the yacht suddenly rocking. As the Campers investigate, they determine that there is a large hole on the side of the yacht. They decide to head to the docks to attempt to find supplies to patch the boat. Kenji determines that they are attempting to prank him back, and decides he will be prepared.

Kenji gets lost in the shipping containers, believing that it is part of a prank set up by Brooklynn and Darius, he proceeds to hide in the shipping containers. Eventually the group encounters a pair of Ouranosaurs who begin to chase the children in an agitated manner. Kenji shouts, still thinking he is pursued, even as an Ouranosaurus surprises him, attempting to attack him. He narrowly evades it, even as a crowbar thrown by Yaz manages to encourage his pursuer to stop the pursuit.. Upon seeing an opening, the group attempts to escape.

Kenji runs from the stampeding Ouranosaur

Kenji manages to distract the Ouranosaur with roman candles, as the group attempts to patch together the hull with duct tape to escape. Darius just barely manages to escape and get on the boat, just as Kenji pilots the boat to safety, but they shortly realize that the Ouranosaurs can swims, and are attacking the boat. The Ouranosaurs attempt to board the boat, but the campers scare them off with fireworks, as they cheer in celebration.

The episode opens up as the campers attempt to patch the hole in the yacht, but Yasmina points out that they are sinking despite their attempts. As the campers worry about not having a dock to be able to go ashore in, Kenji indicates that he knows of a private dock for his father’s penthouse. Just as they dock, the boat runs out of gas.

Darius welcomes the group to the Penthouse

Kenji leads the way for the camper, taking them to the Penthouse on segways. On their way, they encounter a Monolophosaurus. Darius disregards it as being a loner, so they pass by it, unaware that there is a second individual. The group reaches the penthouse without further incident, coming across a large building. Brooklynn uses the keycard to gain access to the building, and they take the stairs to the private penthouse.

Kenji leads the group into the interior of the Penthouse

Kenji welcomes them to the Penthouse, diverting questions from Sammy about why there are no pictures of him. Meanwhile, Yaz finds supplies, and they take time to rest, as Kenji finds bottled water. Ben attempts to bring the group on track to find supplies,  but is distracted by an offer of a water bottle by Kenji.

Sammy finds a drawing that Kenji drew as a child, drawing his attention to it, but he quickly grabs it away. Ben calls the group to the window, as he observes Bumpy is extremely agitated, noting it’s a sign of danger.

Kenji relaxes, even as Darius and Brooklynn attempt to search for a GPS, As they find what they need, the Monopholosaur attempts to break into the penthouse, and they barely manage to close the door on it, barricading it to buy time. Darius and Brooklynn force open the elevator doors so that they can climb down the shaft.

As Kenji, Brooklynn, and Darius head down the elevator shaft, the Monolophosaurs attempt to attack them through the vents. One lunges for Darius, but falls down the shaft, landing near Brooklynn, Darius lands next to her, even as Kenji is forced to drop his father’s art piece on the Monolophosaur to knock it down for a few seconds to allow them to escape the elevator.

The group is suddenly alerted to the presence of two Monolophosaurs, as they hide in the limos to attempt to evade them. They realize that they may be trapped by the dinosaurs, as they determine to run to the last limo, and run in just enough time, even as one tries to break in. Yaz drives the limo out of the garage, even as the others are chased by the animals, and the other group just barely manages to jump in. Bumpy is present to knock the carnivores to the side, allowing them to escape.Darius and Kenji have a conversation on the Yacht, as Darius reassures him that Kenji is a good friend to them.

The children utilize the sealant to be able to patch the hole in the boat, however Darius notes that it takes 48 hours for the sealant to set. Kenji attempts to hasten the process, but quickly proves Darius right as they reattach the patch.

The Compy steals the Compass

Sammy produces a map that she found at Kenji’s condo, and they go off to investigate E750, taking the gyrosphere to do so. Meanwhile Kenji informs Yaz that the compass is busted.they encounter a compy, which Darius briefly distracts with a coin. Just then, more compys approach them, as Kenji keeps throwing money at them. A compy grabs the compass, and runs off, forcing Darius, Yaz, and Kenji to give chase, leaving Ben alone at the dock.

The campers chase the Compys, but the dinosaurs manage to outmanuever them, leading them onto the ruins of the Original Visitor’s Center. Kenji is reluctant to enter the building, but they are forced to search the building after they see a Compy enter.. They witness the compies have set the compass on the second level, and determine to make their way up there.

The group utilizes a vending machine to try to reach the second level. As the children make it to the next level, they see the Compys fleeing just as the Velociraptor, Blue, enters the building. The children attempt to be as quiet as possible to try and evade Blue. Blue stalks and kills a Compy, and seemingly runs out. The campers relax, and get back on the ground floor, determined to leave.

However, Blue notices them, and engages in pursuit, as the campers run to the safety of the truck. Darius finds a tranquilizer rifle, but Blue quickly starts attacking the car. Blue jumps on the car, assaulting it from all sides. The chase results in the car becoming overturned, even as Blue is pinned underneath the vehicle.

Darius witnesses the compys approaching, and decides to distract the Compys away from Blue. Kenji runs back into the visitors center, knocking the vending machine with a stick, releasing coins which he uses to distract the Compys. The children then lift the vehicle so that Blue can escape. As Blue approaches them, Darius encourages them to back up slowly, until Kenji throws a coin at it, which causes Blue to roar at them, however she does not pursue them as they flee.

Darius relieves old memories while he and Kenji wait for the boat sealant to dry. Darius mentions that he will go gather supplies for the trip, but Kenji offers to go in his place. Darius leaves Kenji in charge, as he leaves. As Ben arrives, Kenji immediately attempts to delegate the responsibility of packing to him, as he celebrates.

Elsewhere, Darius observes a herd of Gallimimus, writing a description of them for his field guide, even as Kenji calls him to reassure him that he is doing his job. Kenji attempts to pack the essentials, even as Yaz tells him they should go check on Ben to make sure that he is okay after Kenji has sent him on the errand. As Darius attempts to feed a Gallimimus, he is interrupted again by a call from Kenji informing him that Ben is missing, as he tries to reassure him he is capable of searching, just before Darius hangs up on him.

Kenji and Yaz follow Ben to a Ankylosaurus herd, where he has introduced Bumpy to a new group.The group head back to the camp. As they reach the camp, they receive a call from Darius that there is another hybrid dinosaur and they have to leave the Island immediately. He tells Yaz to go to the boat while he and Ben would go to gather the supplies and wait for the other campers to go catch up to them.

The campers gather their supplies, as Yaz returns, inform them that the storm is too risky to try to leave in. Darius and Kenji trade blame, and the rest of the camp begin to argue about who was at fault for the situation, as they resolve to wait for the storm to pass, even as they fortify the camp in preparation.

Kenji has the idea to use the car battery to make an electrified fence. The storm begins, causing Bumpy to become agitated, and he runs off, even as the group hears a distant howling, and they retreat to the safety of the campsite. Elsewhere, the E750 attacks a group of Parasaurolophus close to the camp, as the rain begins to fall.

Ben and the group face down the Scorpios

The Scorpios Rex stalks the perimeter of the camp, brushing against the electrified fence, and becoming agitated, attacking the fence and causing the campers to scream. It is able to utilize it’s infared vision to see the campers, before it disappears, having climbed to the top of the camp to catch them by surprise. E750 leaps down, and the camps attempt to evade it to little avail, even as lightning strikes a nearby tree, and the fire distracts the predator long enough for them to be able to run away.

ammy is injured as the tail sweeps against her, and the campers are cornered by the electrified fence, as the E750 roars at them. It is met by an answering roar in the distance, as it rushes to meet the challenge, running off into the jungle, Kenji and the others sigh in relief, only to realize that Sammy has been poisoned.

Sammy suffers from the effects of the Poison

The campers rush to attend to Sammy, who is still severely poisoned by the Scorpios Rex. The campers ponder the potential weaknesses of the hybrid, concluding that the animal is scared of fire, despite the others being very doubtful that it will work. Brooklynn attends to Sammy, Kenji gets water for Sammy, as the two of them keep watch over her, and share their mutual concerns over how frightened they are of the situation. Brooklynn has to reassure Kenji due to his fear of her potential state. Kenji and Brooklynn wonder how to help Sammy, and in her semi-conscious state, Sammy starts sleeptalking about the cow she owned back home. Kenji finds out that he can make her feel better by imitating the cow noises.

Sammy’s condition continues to get worse as Kenji and the others begin to despair. However, Yaz just barely manages to reach Sammy with the antidote, begging her to get better as the antidote is administered. The campers brace for the worst as Sammy is initially non responsive, but cheer in celebration as Sammy starts to respond.

The campers decide to leave the island as soon as possible, and gather supplies to be ready for the journey. The campers notice that Ben is missing, and Darius tells them that he is going alone to go find him.As the other campers protest, Darius distracts them and disappears off into the jungle on his own to find his friend. Kenji resolves to go to the boat and wait for Darius. The children notice that the Scorpios Rex’s trampling has messed up the path, and now they are lost. Sammy is still weak from her injury, as Yaz reassures her. Kenji and Brooklynn do not have much luck finding the path, as Sammy needs to take a water break.

The group hides from the stampede

Meanwhile, the group is forced to take shelter from a rampaging herd of Parasaurolphus as they are fleeing. Kenji realizes the dinosaurs are making a path in their panic, and exhorts the group to follow them. Finding his bearings, he proceeds to follow the pathway to the dock, even as the Scorpios attacks the group, killing many dinosaurs as it chases them. They make it to the yacht, running for safety as they board it.

Kenji and the other campers have escaped in the Yacht, heading back to the dock as they hope the Scorpios has gone. As the other campers dock the yacht, they are momentarily startled by the presence of a Stegosaurus. The campers see the battered limo, with Sammy determining that they were able to get away due to the presence of footprints leading away from the wreck.

The Adult finds the Baby Brachiosaur

Sammy leads the group to follow the footprints, as they witness the aftermath of the Brachiosaur stampede. Hearing a cry of distress, they find a baby Brachiosaur that has been abandoned by the herd, and they rush to embrace it. Kenji is at first reluctant to help, but he is persuaded to join the group in helping the baby call for help. As they hear an answering cry, an adult enters the clearing, and walks the infant back to the herd.

Kenji finds his captain’s hat on the ground, and they realize they must be on the trail of Darius and Ben, and that they must be tracking the Scorpius. Darius and Ben reach the Visitor’s Center, and are about to grab the tranquilizer gun when they encounter the others. The other group is dismayed to find out about the two Scorpios. They group decides to hunt down the Scorpios, even as Darius realizes that its right above them, and runs for the safety of the Visitor’s Center.

The group turns as they see a flock of Compys fleeing, and realize that they are now trapped with the other Scorpios Rex. Darius fires at the Scorpios, but misses, causing it to attack as he frantically reloads, but the gun is yanked away from him. The group runs into the old kitchen The Scorpios initially passes by the door, before bursting in, breaking through the room. Kenji turns on the Gas burners on the stove, causing the animal to roar in agitation, as they try to leave, only for Blue to lunge at them.

They run back, as Blue breaks down the door, and the Two Scorpios roar at Blue, and each other. Blue leaps on one Scorpios as the other roars, with the children attempting to bring the Visitor’s center down, as a three way fight between the two Scorpios and Blue commences. The roof collapses, and the two Scorios are buried alive as the children and Blue manage to escape. Blue leaves as the children walk away in silence.

The children make it back to the Yacht without further incident, as they ask Ben whether or not he wishes to stay behind. The group embraces him and wishes him goodbye, as they decide to set sail as a new storm is approaching. As the yacht departs, Ben heads out into the jungle, but not before running off into the jungle begging for them to stop, as he swims to the boat, and they depart the Island. The group starts to cheer, just two helicopters hover, ordering them to return to the dock.

The helicopter orders the children to return to the Island, Kenji celebrates, although Darius remains doubtful. The other campers bring up their concerns regarding their potential ‘rescuers’, although the current storm and rough state of the ocean convinces them to take their chances with the chopper crew.

As the Helicopter lands, several armed mercenaries disembark, as the children climb onto the helicopter even as the sound of a large animal approaching is nearby. The Tyrannosaurus Rex suddenly runs out of the foliage, causing the pilot to ascend in panic, just as the Rex chomps down on the chopper, pulling it back down. Sammy and Ben almost fall out of the chopper, but are saved by Kenji. The chopper pilot manages to wrest the chopper free, and the Rex eats the mercenary as the Chopper flies off.

The Helicopter Pilot and the children

Sammy, Ben and Kenji beg the pilot to take them back but she refuses. Just then, the Helicopter is attacked by a flock of Pteranodons, The pilot takes Ben’s advice to turn the lights off, and the attack stops, allowing the chopper to continue in peace. The pilot is distracted by talking to the campers, swerving to avoid a sudden Brachiosaur, and the chopper crashes.

Kenji awakens as he discovers the chopper is suspended from a tree upside down with no sign of the pilot. As the others start to struggle free, the chopper begins to fall. r. The chopper continues to fall, and explodes as it crashes, but the children manage to survive via clinging onto the vinethe vine. They embrace each other in relief as they are safe on shore, determined to get back to the docks and wait for the others.

Kenji and the others manage to reunite at the Yacht dock, and they are informed that Brooklynn is held hostage. The group argue over whether or not to surrender the laptop, as Brooklynn’s fate hangs in the balance. The group return to the Camp, to figure out a plan. The rest of the group formulates a plan. Ben states his plan to use Bumpy as a distraction. Kenji shuts down the computer before it can finish wiping, as the rest of the group ponder on potentially leaving the island. He runs off into the jungle with the computer.

As Brooklynn’s group reach the rendezvous point, Kenji runs out of the jungle with the laptop, offering the mercenaries the laptop. Ben decides to initiate the distraction just as Dr. Wu attempts to take the laptop from Kenji, but is made to do a hostage exchange first. Just as Hawkes is informing Wu to inspect the laptop, Ben comes in with a herd of Ankylosaurs while riding Bumpy as a distraction. Hawkes brushes Kenji off as he tries to take Brooklynn, as the mercenaries try to force her on the chopper. The herd prevents Wu and the others from getting to the chopper. Darius and the others arrive and reunite with Kenji and Brooklynn.

The computer ultimately destroyed, and the mercenaries return to the chopper. However, Hawkes pursues the children in the helicopter, as Wu tries to dissuade him, and the chopper flies off.

The group bids goodbye to Bumpy

As the group recuperates, Ben wishes Bumpy goodbye again, as the group embraces. Kenji informs Darius that he stole the laptop for Brooklynn, as they leave the island in the yacht.



As the campers escape in the yacht, they express relief that they are finally going to get to go home. Brooklynn visits Kenji as he attempts to steer the boat, convincing him to join the children for a meal. As the children sit down to eat, Ben serves them all grubs, but no one eats them. Kenji and Ben note their food going missing, and they realize that a Compy has snuck on board the boat. The group attempt to chase the compy, as Kenji heads back to the control room , determined to try and steer the boat towards home. Brooklynn goes to talk to him, as the other campers try and fail to catch the Compy.

The Compy evades them, leading them to attempt to search the cabins. Brooklynn helps Kenji in the control room, just as the boat rocks due to an impact. Brooklynn helps Kenji fix the sonar, as Kenji assists her with the tools. Brooklynn admits that her father taught her how to be handy with tools, and she and Kenji bond over their shared experiences. The boat rocks after a bit, causing Kenji to turn on the sonar, determining that there is something caught in the propeller.

Darius connects himself to a rope and dives down into the water to free the propeller. Darius frees the propeller, while Kenji tries the engine and gets it to work. Meanwhile, the sonar ping indicates something large is headed their way. As the group attempts to pull him back in, Kenji sees a shark on the telescope, Darius gets his foot caught on kelp, and the rope snaps. Just as the group panics, there is a much larger ping on the Sonar, as the Mosasaur appears and swallows the Shark whole, before pursuing Darius.

Kenji jumps in the water to rescue Darius, and successfully manages to grab him and swim with him back to the boat. The Mosasaurus pursues the pair of them, as they hang onto a life preserver and just barely manage to get onto the boat. Brooklynn attempts to steer the group away from the animal, they believe themselves to have escaped, but then the Mosasaur rams the boat again. The Mosasaur succeeds in biting down on the boat, causing it to start to capsize.

As the Boat begins to sink due to its attack, Kenji has no choice but to direct the boat to an unknown area of land in front of them. The Mosasaur leaps out of the water and slams back down on the boat, destroying the boat. The campers wake up on an isolated shoreline, as the campers take shelter in a nearby cave. The campers walk through the tunnel through to what appears like a desert. The campers express disbelief that they could have gone this far, as Ben sees something in the distance and they decide to check it out. Ben rallies the group to head out to the desert, as the Compy behind them.

The campers begin to express relief that they do not have to worry about dinosaurs, as they quickly begin to get tired of the blazing heat of the desert. Kenji and the group are alerted by Sammy to the presence of a large sandstorm, and they try to outrun it.  The sandstorm catches up to them, and the children become disoriented in the storm, and lose Kenji and Brooklynn, who have fallen down a ravine. Now separated, the pair of them attempt to call for help, but are unable to be heard by their friends. Brooklynn and Kenji call for help, as they bond and awkwardly flirt while they search for a way out of their situation.  Eventually, they manage to regroup with the others near a watering hole.

The campers rest near a fire as night falls. Sammy starts yelling around the fire, and the rest of the group follow suit to vent their frustrations. In the middle of the night, Ben wakes up, trying to restart the fire, as he becomes convinced there is something out there but the group does not believe him.

Just then, a Sabertooth Tiger jumps out of the bushes and Ben distracts it with a torch, as he runs through a tunnel.managing to slip through a crack where it cant get him. Eventually, he finds himself cornered, as the predator advances on him. Just as it prepares to lunge at him, Kenji jumps on top of it, disorienting it enough to allow them both to escape. The rest of the group manage to leverage a boulder and toss rocks from the cliff face to scare the animal off.

Ben explains to the group he is upset that he reverted to a scared kid again, although the group gathers around him to reassure him. The next morning, the group is walking, as Kenji trips over something metallic on the ground. The group follows it until Kenji bumps his head against the wall, and they determine that there is a door just beyond.

The campers follow the tunnel into a mysterious hallway, as the Compy follows shortly after. The group realizes they are in complex facility, and Brooklynn manages to open up a door to a forest biome, the Compy following them. Just then, the group is interrupted by an approaching T-rex, who is quickly joined by another Tyrannosaur.

As the two animals fight, the group witnesses a woman working on a tablet near them. The group quickly realize that the rexes are not fighting, but playing. The campers follow the woman and tell her their story. She introduces herself as Dr. Mae Turner, studying dinosaur brains, and Darius recognizes her, as he claims to be a fan of her work. The group decides to follow the woman, as she explains how the animals came to be on the island.

They enter another area, which is Dr. Mae’s private living quarters. The group decides to take a look around her quarters as she prepares lunch. The group eat lunch, and the group comes to the conclusion that Mantah corp must be behind this Island. The others head back into the forest, and Kenji and Brooklynn go together. As the group hear a noise, they realize the Compy has followed them all the way from the boat. A scan permeates the area as the campers dodge, and a Robot drone resembling a dog appears in the clearing.

Mae gets a notification on her tablet about the elimination protocol going to effect due to the compy. Just then, the Robot dog tases the Compy to death. As the robot dog continues its patrol, Mae distracts the robot from noticing the children. Regrouping with them later, she explains what the Robot Dog is, and demands an explanation from the children in her quarters.

As the children are ordered to remain in her quarters, and Kenji says behind while Sammy and Darius sneak out. Yaz again distracts Ben so that Brooklynn and Kenji can have some alone time. However, Kenji confronts her, and Yaz tries to push him to make a move. As the group watch, the door to the quarters open up, and a robot approaches. The BRAD back at the living quarters corners Yaz and Ben. Kenji knocks its head clear off its body.

Dr. Turner tells the group that the drug was the cause of the Rexes sudden antagonism. Dr. Turner lets the group know of a supply plane that comes every two weeks, and the group decides to try to manufacture a situation to make the plane come sooner. Darius comes up with a plan to wait until the Rexes are asleep, and alter their feed supply and then mess with the power box for the biome.

As the group start on this mission, Kenji coughs loudly, causing the Rexes to wake up from their sleep. One of the Rexes is too weak to get up, and the other stalks off in the direction of the group just as they find the power box. Meanwhile, Yaz is frozen, unable to make herself run even in the face of approaching danger, until Kenji grabs her and runs.

The group celebrates realizing the plane will be there in a few hours, just as they are scanned by an approaching B.R.A.D., even as Dr. Turner tries unsuccessfully to stop it. The B.R.A.D. starts to follow them, and is joined by two more robots. The group manage to escape into a tunnel, but Dr. Turner’s attempt to lock the door is over riden by the robots.

The group has now entered another Biome, this time being a snow biome. Dr. Turner finds snow mobiles for the group, as they head towards the plane. The snowmobiles come to a stop as they encounter a Kentrosaurus. Dr. Turner is confused as to what this animal is doing, and the other campers jump out of the snowmobiles just as the dinosaur collapses. The campers rig the vehicles to be able to transport the Kentrosaurus, as they begin their journey. Just as Yaz informs them the supply plane has arrived, a BRAD appears, attacking the Vehicle.

The groups tries to run the BRAD over but the robot continues its attack, until Yaz manages to knock one into a frozen lake, as the group reaches the airlock. As the group runs outside, they realize that they have just barely missed the plane. The group is dismayed and defeated, as they head back to Dr. Turner.

The group is motivated by Darius to not leave yet, as they have to stop Mantah Corp, and the group decides to split up. Kenji and Brooklynn watch the Rex feeding area as they witness a B.R.A.D. placing pills inside the food, and they rush to remove them just as Big Eatie returns to to feed. They decide to follow the Tyrannosaur, as she attempts to feed the injured Little Eatie. Kenji and Brooklynn decide to return and tell Dr. Turner about this development.

Dr. Turner realizes her boss must be on the Island, and goes to confront him as the children stay with Pierce. Kenji joins the group in running after Sammy, to prevent her from exposing herself. They arrive in time to assist Dr. Turner as the BRADs begin to corner her, and prepare to attack. The various campers distract the robot dogs from attacking Dr. Turner.  They destroy a few dogs before being surrounded by the velociraptors. After Sammy manages to stun one of the raptors, the group flees off into the jungle as they attempt to care for an injured Dr. Turner.

The campers tend to Dr. Turner’s wounds, as they think of what to do. Kenji and the rest of the group agree that they need to find Kash‘s phone. The group hide from the BRAD scans, as they are forced to move an injured Dr. Turner. The BRADS run off due to new orders, as everyone except Ben goes off to follow the BRADS.

Kenji and the others watch horrified as Pierce and Big Eatie are forced to fight in front of the main facility building. The campers decide they must save the dinosaurs. Kenji and Brooklynn try to get into the main office, but are held off by BRADS. Brooklynn and Kenji then try to disable the drones from a nearby tree. Kenji and Brooklynn manage to disable a drone, as Ben and Yaz manage to disable another one. They then run off to Dr. Turner after watching Darius go with Kash in the lift.

Dr. Turner explains about the Med bay to the children, and directs them to where the next feeding is scheduled. The other campers run to the desert biome, as they realize that that the heat has been raised. Just then, the campers encounter a Spinosaurus which charges them, forcing them to attempt to hide in a cave system. Believing themselves to be safe, the group runs into the Smilodon, as it corners them. The Smilodon charges at the group, running them into a dead end. Just as the Smilodon is about to lunge at them, the Spinosaurus breaks through the wall and eats the Smilodon.

The group runs to safety as the Spinosaur tries to attack them again. The children decide to jump down the feeding chute. As they reach the underground area, they manage to briefly reunite with Darius, who then tells them of Kash’s plans. That night, the campers begin to converge on the facility, trying to decide how to get in.  However, they are unable to enter due to Darius being guarded by a Brad-X, and the group decides to return to Dr. Turner.

They float the idea of potentially hacking the robot, with the idea of having Brooklynn hack the robot due to her prior technical experience. The children attempt to distract a BRAD-X in the jungle biome, their trap succeeding in knocking it over only temporarily. The campers follow the BRAD X to a facility where they see the BRAD X transporting destroyed BRAD parts. They realize that this is a BRAD-X making workshop, and manage to learn how to reprogram one.Later, the campers manage to pin down the regular BRAD model in order to hack one.

That night, the campers run past the sleeping raptors in the jungle biome, attempting to breach the compound. Darius lowers a rope for them just as one of the raptors begins to wake up.Brooklynn slides down the rope, screaming as she does so, and causing the raptors to wake up. The raptors shortly chase after her, and she is only saved by the reprogrammed BRAD walking backwards.

The group sneak into the facility, and Darius leads them into the Med Bay, with their mission being to evacuate the babies. The rest of the group head down into the med-bay, as they find the dinosaur babies. They initially find three baby Brachiosaurs contained in the lab, as well as two hybrid Spinoceratops. Kenji tries to feed the Spinoceratops but gets bitten.

Yaz and Brooklynn continue to lead the Spinoceratops out of the nursery as they bump into Kenji and Sammy. The Spinoceratops happily greet each other, and the campers conclude they must be siblings and determine they must separate them. Brooklynn and Kenji mess with the controls to make it look like the dinosaurs escaped on their own. The Sinoceratops and the Brachiosaurs continue to play roughly, and one of them crashing into the power box causes a fuse to blow.

The med bay areas are opened due to the power going out, and a Ceratosaurus stalks out of one of the areas. The campers hide from the Ceratosaurus, even as the baby brachiosaurus panics and alerts the Ceratosaur. The Ceratosaurus charges them, and is soon distracted enough to chase after the Spinoceratops. The group just barely manages to escape by splitting up, Kenji and Brooklynn running one way, and the rest going the other.The group reconnect with the baby dinosaurs in the forest biome, and Brooklynn and Kenji lead their Spinoceratops into the snow biome.

In the snow biome, Kenji and Brooklynn bond with a baby spinoceratops, before they decide to head back into the underground tunnel. They opt to head back to Dr. Turner, as they try to calm her down. Later, he is informed by Ben of Kash’s experiments with the control chips, and agrees to follow Ben’s plan to try and capture Kash. Kenji tries and fails to comfort Spinoceratops with the tablet, but Brooklynn gets him to open up about what his feelings are.As they prepare to start the plan, they are suddenly attacked by Pteranodons, who make off with the tablet.

In the forest Biome, Kenji and Brooklynn chase after the Pteranodon. After a Pteranodon accidently knocks itself out, Kenji and Brooklynn finally acknowledge their feelings for one another.After the plan is successful, the group return to the main facility. The children celebrate after they have managed to capture Kash, Kenji and Brooklynn take this time to share a moment together as they decide whether to tell the others about them.

Kenji and Darius make up for their past disagreements, as he decides to deflect from telling him about Brooklynn. They are interrupted by the BRAD reminding them to feed Kash, as Dr. Turner and Ben walk to the Med Bay and talk about their respective ways of bonding with dinosaurs. Darius and Kenji return to the compound as they find Kash isn’t there, but Darius heads off to the Med Bay to warn Dr. Turner. He runs into Darius later, who informs him that Kash is now freed and has an accomplice.

Kenji and Darius head to the new biome, with makeshift shields as they enter what appears to be a swamp area. Kenji begins to admit his feelings for Brooklynn, as Darius is initially stunned at first, but then embraces him happily. Kenji and Ben walk through the swamp biome, as they are spooked by a dinosaur. They are soon ambushed by a pack of Dilophosaurs, but manage to avert their spit with their makeshift shields. The pack pursues the pair of them, as the group manage to catch up with Mae and Ben.As the pack advances, they are scared off by the arrival of the girls with the Snowmobile, as they flee.

The group embrace, as Ben finally realizes Kenji and Brooklynn are together. They realize that the BRAD X was not sent by Darius, as they understand a trap has been set as BRAD X’s surround them on all sides. Kash emerges to gloat, as the president of Mantah Corp emerges from the shadows, only for Kenji to recognize him as his father as the two are shocked as the episode ends.