Kenji Kon (S/F)

Kenji on his way to Camp Cretaceous

According to the initial press release, Kenji Kon was described as the self described leader of the group of children at Camp Cretaceous. His parents were major investors in Jurassic World, and he has grown jaded and bored with the dinosaurs. Kenji was chosen as one of the  one of the six campers attending Camp Cretaceous at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar. Kenji is familiar with most of the systems of the island, and how they work.


Kenji is fifteen years old, and appears to come from a very rich family, as he states that he lives in a mansion that is equipped with a bowling alley. However, his father is very distant, and apparently spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Candy. Unlike most of the other campers, Kenji has visited the park several times, claiming to have a familiarity with the workings of Jurassic World. Among his claims are that his father owns a condominium unit on the Island.

Kenji Kon arrives onto Jurassic World via helicopter, as he greets the rest of the campers on the docks. After initial introductions, the campers are driven to Camp Cretaceous by their co-counselors, only stopping briefly as the counselors attempt to recapture an escaped Compsognathus. Reaching the camp, they are given a brief overview of the camp rules, before they get a chance to unpack. That night, all of the campers, including Kenji, get a chance to ride a zipline over the dinosaur herd in Gyrosphere Valley.

Before bedtime, Kenji confronts Darius in the camp dorms, bragging about his family being rich, and owning condos on the island. He attempts to bully the other kid, but Brooklynn‘s intrusion distracts him, and the three of them decide to sneak out to the Compy enclosure. When they get there, Ken and Brooklyn fight over her phone which results in it’s falling into the enclosure. Kenji attempts to sneak into the enclosure after retrieving the phone, despite Darius’s and Brooklynn’s warnings that it was not the compy pen. He nearly gets attacked by Blue, who is startled and agitated by him taking a picture with the camera phone. As the raptor stalks him, Darius distracts Blue, while Brooklynn attempts to open the gate. Delta, Echo, and Charlie join Blue to corner Darius and Ken as the episode cuts to a cliffhanger.

Just as it seems they are going to be eaten, Roxie turns on the pen lights, using meat as a distraction to rescue them. As the animal handlers deal with the raptors, Dave and Roxie become angry with them for their trespassing into the paddock .While waiting in the dorms, Darius confronts Kenji over his motivation for going into the enclosure but doesn’t get a solid answer. Kenji then confides to him that he was trying to make his father proud, just before Dave and Roxie begin to lecture them regarding their irresponsible behavior. Darius lies to cover for Kenji, which he goes along with. However, Brooklynn’s account contradicts them, so they are warned that they have one more chance or they will be kicked out.

As punishment, Darius and Kenji are tasked with cleaning up dinosaur poop, while the others take a tour of the labs. As they clean up the poop, they begin arguing over their task. Kenji claims to be a frequent visitor to the park, attempting to bribe Darius. He leads him to the entrance to a tunnel that he claims is part of a network connecting the whole island. Kenji leads him to what he claims is a dinosaur quarantine area for the more aggressive animals. They exit outwards to the Carnotaurus pen through the tunnel.

As they walk through the jungle, Kenji and Darius have difficulty with traversing the difficult terrain. Kenji reveals he was manipulating Darius, after he confronts him after being caught in a lie about his dad. As they find the fence, they are unsure what side of the fence they are on, just as the Carnotaurus approaches from behind them and gives chase. The pair run quickly through the forest, managing to evade the Carnotaurus by using the environment to their advantage. Finally, they manage to escape just barely by crawling through a feeding grate. The Carnotaurus smashes his face on the cage, leaving a scar, as Kenji taunts it, referring to it as ‘Toro.’ The group reunites, as they are taken back to Camp Cretaceous. That night, He is among the group listening to campfire stories, before rain forces them inside the dormitories.

In the morning, the campers are by their counselors to Gyrosphere Valley, to help round up the dinosaurs as park personnel lead the dinosaurs to fresh grazing grounds. After trying to get a position at the driver’s seat, Kenji ends up in the passenger’s seat  of a Gyrosphere, as Ben drives. Ken mocks Ben for driving too slowly, shortly after, the counselors cut the activity short due to an approaching storm, and ride out to warn the other employees.  Initially planning to stay put, Kenji and Ben end up attempting to assist the others in herding a lone Sinoceratops back to it’s enclosure.

As the campers attempt to corral the Sinoceratops, Kenji and Ben argue over the controls. The lack of coordination from the campers results in the Sinoceratops sending Darius and Brooklynn’s gyrosphere into the thick of the herd, disrupting the entire herd and causing the dinosaurs to break into a panicked stampede.

Ben Driving the Gyrosphere

Attempting to outrun the herd, Ben allows Kenji to drive, and he immediately proceeds to wreck the Gyrosphere. They are quickly reunited with Yasmina and Sammy and all four of them are forced to ride in one gyrosphere together. The group discover that Darius and Brooklynn are trapped in a sinkhole, and quickly attempt to pull them out, succeeding with the aid of a nearby Sinoceratops.

Jurassic World Incident:

The next morning, the campers are left alone by their counselors, as they head to the main park in an attempt to contact Claire Dearing regarding the recent incidents. As the campers settle into waiting,  Benji and Ken blame Darius for the incident of the previous day, joining the group in refusing to go on an alternate activity while the counselors are away. The group is distracted by the sound of an approaching dinosaur, and they decide to head to the observation tower to try to determine where the roar is coming from. The campers successfully break into the tower and climb it, seemingly relieved to see the noise is only a Brachiosaurus feeding.

Brooklynn on the zipline

The tower begins to rock, and Sammy nearly falls, only to be saved by Yasmina, and then pulled up by the combined efforts of Darius and Kenji as well. The group attempt to use the zip line to escape, just as the emergency break trips, leaving them stranded in the center of the zip line. The zip-line snaps shortly therafter, sending the kids crashing down into the ground.

The campers wake up disoriented and swiftly decide to make for the safety of camp. However, upon reaching the camp, they find that it is completely destroyed. Kenji would go along with the other campers in following Darius to the main park to attempt to summon help. During their trek to the main park, Kenji initially tries to claim that he should make all decisions as he is leadership material, then delegates all the responsibility to Darius.

It is revealed by Ben that at some point Kenji told the rest of the campers about the earlier incident with the Carnotaurus, leading to some friction between him and Darius. The group are soon accompanied by Bumpy, and Kenji’s prompting spurs Darius to lead the group towards the Field Genetics Lab.

The group finds an abandoned ACU van, which Kenji is forced to drive, as they are then pursued by the Indominus Rex. He drives the van off the road, coming to a stop just inside the genetics lab, where they are able to temporarily seek shelter. Finding the scientist inside, Eddie, he quickly abandons them and attempts to steal their van. As the group run outside, they find that the Indominus attacks the van, and kills the scientist.

Shocked at Sammy’s betrayal

The group is forced into hiding in the nearby crates, as the Indominus stalks them. However, they are able to reach the van just in time, although Yasmina stops Kenji from driving again. They make contact with their Counselors, as Roxie calls them over the radio, and Kenji and Darius inform them that the camp was destroyed. However, before they can celebrate, the group is distracted, and Yasmina crashes the van into a tree.

After the group recovers from the crash, they witness witness Masrani’s helicopter chasing the Indominus, before it breaks open the Aviary. The pteranadons are released, crashing the helicopter, and proceed to pursue the group. The children run to the safety of the Kayak River, after Kenji determines that this location is the best place to hide. The campers then encounter a cave lit by bioluminescent bacteria, and a large waterfall.

As the campers start to paddle along the river, they then encounter some Parasaurolophus in the The Parasaurs become agitated by Bumpy’s cries, starting to attack the Kayaks, before they abruptly flee. The group are then almost sucked into a side tunnel due to a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaurus Lagoon. The Mosasaur begins circling them, and so the campers make for the safety of the spectator stands.

Kenji and Brooklynn make it to the ladder, as the rest of the group are still too far away. As Yasmina causes a distraction to buy the others time, Kenji manipulates the feeding controls, so that it hoists up the feeder chain. Kenji then proceeds to reel it in to safety, as the mosasaur lunges, narrowly missing her, severing the line, but allowing her to land safely. The campers take a moment to breathe as they hear a siren alerting them of the impending evacuation.

The group attempts to reach the monorail in order to beat the evacuation warning, however, just as the group reaches the Monorail, they are blocked off by the Carnotaurus.  The group decides to attempt to sneak past while it’s back is turned. Reaching the top of the platform, they reach the monorail as it arrives, only for the announcement system to loudly alert the Carnotaurus to their presence. The predator gives chase but has difficulty climbing up the stairs, tripping and falling halfway up. Darius runs to rescue Yasmina, as Ken holds the doors open to buy them time.

The group celebrates as they believe their rescue and evacuation is imminent, as the Monorail continues towards the South Docks. The campers discuss what they want to do once they are rescued, and then toast to surviving the events of the day. However, after their mood is soured once they hear a distant explosion, and the group settles towards a sullen silence. Shortly after, something large crashes into the Monorail.

It quickly becomes apparent that the Monorail is under attack by a flock of Pteranadons. the group arms themselves with flashlights as they attempt to destroy the light fixtures to try to ward off the attack. As the attack continues, Darius leads the group to another train car in their attempt to evade. They then see the up ahead, that the pteranodons are attacking another monorail car which has broken down in the middle of the track.

Kenji joins the group in using the lights to distract the Pteranadons to buy time for Ben to be able to reach the access panel. However, he can do nothing but watch helplessly as Ben falls to an uncertain fate on the jungle below. The group mourns their fallen friend, as several of them descend into grief. However, after Darius discovers the Monorail is re-routing back to its original position, he realizes there is nothing to do but jump off the train.

Despite their misgivings, the group leap off the train, landing roughly into the middle of the jungle. Kenji realizes that Bumpy was not with them when they landed, and starts shouting, as some in the group want to go look for Bumpy and Ben, but they realize that they can make it to the ferry if they leave immediately, and the group reluctantly agrees.

Seeking a shortcut, Darius calls on Kenji to lead them to the maintenance tunnels in the hope that one leads to the docks. The group makes their way into the tunnels, but quickly become lost. They see their way barred by security gates, as they realize that the park is locking itself down Kenji begins to get frustrated, lashing out at the group, even as they are interrupted by the sound of a dinosaur approaching inside the tunnels.

As the shadow of the dinosaur comes closer, Kenji prepares for immediate attack, only for it to turn out to be a group of Compsognathus. The compys advance on the group, even as Kenji continues to argue with the group. He keeps them at bay with the dinosaur prod, as a few enterprising individuals keep jumping forward.

The group’s arguing and the Compy’s advance is stopped by the approach of the advancing Carnotaurus down the tunnels. The predator pursues the children through the tunnels, until they manage to evade it utilizing a floor grate. Their attempts to break through to a different area alert the Carnotaurus, who finds their hiding place. Narrowly escaping the predator, the group manages to escape into the tunnel branch nearest the docks.

Their cheer is short-lived, as they discover the exit has been sealed off. .  Kenji leads the rest of the group to reassures Darius that he is the one that has helped the group survive, and that they must work together to get through the apparent trap. The children start to open the crates in the area to determine if there is anything useful inside.

As the Carnotaurus approaches, Yaz and Kenji utilize the dinosaur prod to light a fuse on the crate. However, the animal charges the cart, sending the tanks flying everywhere, and causing a fire to start. The Carnotaur proceeds to attack the group, as they narrowly evade it in the confined space. As the attack continues, several air tanks are pushed against the wall, and an explosion follows shortly after, previously wounding the Carnotaurus, and creating a hole in the wall, allowing them to escape.

Discovering the Ferry has left them behind

As the group stumbles out of the wreckage, they are stunned to see that the Carnotaurus has also survived, although it is heavily scarred. The animal decides to leave to heal from its injuries rather then attempt a confrontation. Just then, the campers realize that the explosion created an exit passageway, only to find that Jurassic World has been evacuated. They decide to stay safe and take care of each other until they are rescued.