Barry Sembène (S/F)

Barry in the Raptor pen.

Barry Sembène was one of the Velociraptor handlers working at Jurassic World, and was a close friend of Owen Grady. During the 2015 Isla Nublar Incident, Barry assisted Leon, a handler, after falling into the Raptor pen, and almost getting eaten by it’s occupants. When the Indominus rex escaped, he helped Owen and the others use the raptors to track it down. When the two were acting peacefully together, he noted that something was wrong, and that “they’re communicating”. After the Raptors go rogue, he is ambushed by Blue and is forced to take shelter in a tree log, which Blue is tearing apart to get at him. He was almost killed until Owen whistled at her, which lured her attention to chase him, saving his life. After escaping the island, he was evacuated to a hangar on the mainland, along with the others. Barry was played by actor Omar Sy.