Delta (S/F)

Delta hissing at Owen (off-screen).

Delta (Serial Number: D-238 as per Jurassic World: The Game) was one of the four Velociraptors trained by park employee Owen Grady for the Jurassic World theme park. She was colored light blue-gray, had amber-colored eyes, and had slight ridges in front of the eyes. She, along with her three other packmates (Blue, Charlie and Echo), lived in the Raptor Paddock.

The 2015 Isla Nublar Incident:

Earlier in the day, she (along with her siblings) attacked Leon when he fell into their paddock. Later on, she was fitted with an infra-red camera and released into the wild to track and stop the Indominus rex. When she caused them to turn on Owen and the group, she attacked. When Claire tried to escape in the “Mobile Veterinarian Unit”, she tried to kill Zach and Gray, but was stunned by a cattle prod. After hearing the Indominus‘ roar, she fled into the jungle.

Later, she entered the Innovation Center and came into the Creation Lab. During the commotion, she killed Hoskins. After killing him, she chased the group, but was distracted by a Dilophosaurus hologram. Soon she and the remaining pack (Blue and Echo) cornered Owen and the group in front of the Innovation Center, but was soon turned back to Owen’s side when Owen removed Blue’s camera headset.

During the final battle with the Indominus rex, she was picked up in its jaws and thrown into one of the Winston’s Steakhouse restaurant burners, which exploded, incinerating her in the process. It is very unlikely that she survived.