Gyrosphere – Isla Nublar (S/F)

Jurassic_World_GyrosphereThe Gyrosphere was one of the main attractions in the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. The attraction allowed visitors to experience the dinosaurs close-up while they were protected by a hard spherical ball. The Gyrosphere seated two visitors at a time, as they were strapped in, and enabled the visitors to stay seated while the ball moved around the dinosaur pen. The instructional video before boarding this attraction was narrated by Jimmy Fallon, and informed guests about the various dinosaurs that could be seen on the attraction.

damaged gyrosphereDinosaurs that could be viewed during this attraction include the Apatosaurus and Ankylosaurus, and the Stegosaurus. The Gyrosphere was not impenetrable though, since at least one was damaged during normal park operations. There are also at least seven operating Gyrosphere pods, since the back of the seats lists it as ’07’.

Access to the Gyrosphere ride was mainly via the Island Monorail. The Gyrosphere ride contained a large queue platform with a roof over it. The ride was maintained by at least one ride operator at all times. There was a fail-safe on the ride, in which guests were informed that the ride was closed and that all of the Gyrospheres were to be returned to the loading queue. However, this fail-safe could be manually over-ridden by guests inside of the Gyrosphere.

As Zach and Gray Mitchell toured Jurassic World, they boarded the Gyrosphere ride shortly after abandoning Zara.  During the ride, the boys listened to the instructional Jimmy Fallon video while watching the dinosaurs.  However,due to the events of the Indominus Rex breakout, the Gyrospheres were recalled as an emergency measure. However, Zach Mitchell over-rode the Gyrosphere and took the ride vehicle out of bounds into a restricted section.

Despite Gray’s protests, Zach Mitchell maneuvered the ride vehicle to a forested area,where they encountered multiple Ankylosaurus. However, the ride vehicle was soon attacked by the escaped Indominus, which caused the panicked Ankylosaurus to begin battering the ride vehicle while attempting to escape. The Indominus attacked the Gyrosphere, managing to completely smash the ride vehicle while the children escaped.

Later, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing would encounter the ruined vehicle while looking for the children. Owen removed an Indominus tooth from the vehicle as a shocked Claire looked on. Believing the children to be dead for a moment, she panicked before discovering the footprints leading away from the ride vehicle.