Indoraptor (S/F)

The Indoraptor was the second genetically modified hybrid dinosaur bred by Dr. Henry Wu. and bankrolled by Eli Mills. The genome of the Indoraptor consisted of the Indominus Rex and Velociraptor genes.  Unlike the Indominus Rex, the Indoraptor was created to be a bio-weapon, with the intention of selling it to the highest bidder. The Indoraptor was reportedly capable of taking direction due to Mill’s study of Owen Grady‘s research in the IBRIS project, as it was apparently trained to go after targets after they had been highlighted with a laser sight.

The only known Indoraptor was male, and was considered by Eli Mills to be a prototype specimen so that a more advanced version could be produced after the Velociraptor named Blue was acquired. The Indoraptor 2.0 was intended to have been genetically coded with Blue’s DNA so that it would be programmed to recognize her authority and obtain her traits of empathy and obedience.

The Indoraptor was bred in the secret basement of Lockwood Mansion, it’s cage being at the end of a long hallway. The Indoraptor was bred sometime during the interval between 2016 and 2018 in this basement, from the DNA acquired from the Indominus Rex bone. The Indoraptor was unusually aggressive, attacking even when it was not directly threatened or hunting. It was capable of stalking its prey, chasing viable prey animals and humans across uneven and unfamiliar terrain. Similar to the Velociraptor subspecies found on Isla Sorna, the Indoraptor displayed an unusual degree of intelligence, capable of lulling its victims into a false sense of security in order to ambush its prey.


Approximately six months after the events of Jurassic World, mercenaries hired by Eli Mills entered the Lagoon on Isla Nublar in a submarine. The mercenaries were successful in finding the remains of the Indominus Rex, securing a bone which they sent to the surface, shortly before they were ambushed and killed by the Mosasaur.  The awaiting helicopter on the surface retrieved the fossil and flew back towards the mainland where it awaited preparation at the laboratory in Lockwood Manor.


Hologram of the Indoraptor

While Eli Mills was attempting to persuade Gunnar Eversoll to go along with his plan of auctioning off the dinosaurs,he took him to the underground basement laboratory of Lockwood Manor to convince him. Once there, he explained that the Indoraptor project had been many years in the making, modeled after the Indominus Rex, and intended for military applications.

Suspicious of Mill’s motives, Maisie Lockwood sneaked into the laboratory, where she overheard Henry Wu

The Indoraptor reaches out to Maisie

explaining to Mills how they needed Blue alive for the next iteration of the Indoraptor as they intended to get it under control by forging a familial bond with a closely related genetic link. As she attempted to evade the men, she hid down a long corridor against the Indoraptor’s cell. It proceeded to toy with her, eliciting a scream from the girl which resulted in her quick apprehension by Eli Mills.

The Indoraptor on display at the Auction

The Indoraptor was formally presented at the auction that night, initially as a preview, but then due to overwhelming demand Mills decided to include it in the auction. The animal was sold to a Russian bidder for a sum equivalent to $43 million USD. After Owen Grady successfully disrupted the auction by releasing the Stigimoloch into the room, he prevented the auctioneers from removing the animal by pulling the brakes to keep the hybrid in the room.

Curious about the fleeing guests, Ken Wheatley entered the auction room of the manor where he encountered

The Indoraptor feigning being knocked out by the tranquilizer

the still caged Indoraptor. He proceeded to fire a shot from his tranquilizer rifle that seemingly knocked out the hybrid. Believing himself to be safe, Wheatley attempted to extract a tooth from the animal with a pair of pliers, unaware that the Indoraptor was only feigning sleep. After it had lulled him into a false sense of security, the dinosaur attacked him, first biting his arm off before mauling him to death

The Indoraptor accidentally opens the elevator

Sensing the Indoraptor was distracted with Wheatley, Eversoll attempted to escape via the elevator along with three other auction guests. The animal was attracted by a woman’s scream, and escaped its cage attempting to attack them in the elevator, however it closed before it could initially attack. Frustrated, the Indoraptor turned around, its tail accidentally shorting out the elevator which re-opened the doors. The hybrid proceeded to presumably maul all the occupants of the elevator to death.

The Indoraptor stalks the trio through the museum

As Owen Grady and Claire Dearing attempted to escape with Maisie Lockwood, the three of them were confronted by Eli Mills and two of his security. The confrontation was interrupted by the Indoraptor attacking both mercenaries, causing both the trio and Mills to flee. As the group moved into Lockwood’s museum they were then stalked throughout the museum by the hybrid. The group was able to temporarily hide in a diorama and turning off the lights.

The Indoraptor on the roof of Lockwood Manor

After the lights were turned on by Franklin Webb and Zia Rodriguez, the Indoraptor broke through the glass to the diorama, causing Maisie to split from the group and flee. The Indoraptor pursued her throughout the mansion, eventually tracking her to her bedroom. Owen interrupted the hybrid before it could attack her, firing three times with a rifle at the creature. However, the Indoraptor was unphased and proceeded to turn its attention to Owen, and was about to attack him before Blue intervened.

The two dinosaurs immediately attacked each other, and their fight destroyed Maisie’s bedroom. The fight

The Indoraptor stalking Owen and Maisie after cornering them on the roof

spilled out into the roof, where the Indoraptor cornered Owen and Maisie and prepared to lunge. Claire Dearing managed to distract it momentarily by shouting and using the laser sight of her rifle to capture the animal’s attention.


Blue roars in triumph after she has killed the Indoraptor

Owen and Claire then combined this with dodging in an attempt to trick the dinosaur into falling through the fragile glass roof. However, the Indoraptor was able to recoup its footing, and roared menacingly at the humans, unaware of Blue’s presence behind him. As Blue leaped on the hybrid, the two fell together through the roof, causing the Indoraptor to be impaled on the Ceratopsian skull in Lockwood’s museum- killing it instantly.Minutes later, further iterations of the Indoraptor would be prevented as Mills attempted to escape the mansion with the Indominus Rex tooth, only to be eaten by the Tyrannosaurus Rex , which stomped on the tooth as well after consuming him.