Stegoceratops (S/F)

STegoceratops_jwThe Stegoceratops was a hybrid dinosaur that appeared briefly on a computer screen in Dr. Henry Wu‘s private lab. It’s name means “roofed horned head”. Whether or not the animal was fully rendered is unknown, but it seems to have been one of the more fleshed-out hybrids, containing DNA from an unknown species of snake and beetle. Although “Jurassic World” merchandise suggests that the Stegoceratops is a hybrid of Triceratops and Stegosaurus, its head strongly resembles that of a Nasutoceratops. Stegoceratops was set to appear in the film, however it was removed so that it wouldn’t steal the spotlight of the Indominus rex.

The Stegoceratops genome was derived from a variety of different species, each of which was implemented to provide the animal with a specific ability. The specific species were classified with the marker ‘A75’ to illustrate that they would be utilized for the genome. Below are some of the characteristics for the hybrid animal:

Concept art for Stegoceratops listing the genome donors
  • Unknown Beetle species: Exoskeleton
  • Cuttlefish: Camouflage
  • Flounder: H2O-Oxygen Extraction (Ability to breathe in water)
  • Jellyfish: Bioluminescence
  • Unknown genome donor: Increased Vision

Physical Description
The version of Stegoceratops that was set to appear in the film was planned to be dark blue in color with secondary beige markings. Although this coloration can be seen on an early prototype of the toy, the released design was much different. The figure is a dull green color with beige markings on its belly, epioccipitals, and snout. Its beak, horns, and frill markings are gold. The alternate beige figure has similar qualities, but the beak, horns, frill, and legs are decorated with a more complex pattern, and certain stripes are outlined with orange. Both figures have yellow eyes. The Stegoceratops has the body of a Stegosaurus and the head of a Triceratops. It lacks the front horn of the latter, instead carrying two bull-like horns above its eyes. It has a sharp jawline, flat nostrils, and a tall upper beak. In total, sixteen epi-occipitals line its frill. The Stegoceratops has twelve triangular plates and four thagomizers. It has five toes on its front feet and three on its back feet, though there are extra toe-like structures inside of its heels.