Benjamin Lockwood (S/F)

Benjamin Lockwood was once a partner of John Hammond before a falling out between the two left Hammond taking control of InGen. After Hammond’s death in 1998 after the San Diego Incident, Simon Masrani bought InGen to help fulfill John Hammond’s dream with Jurassic World, but after Masrani’s own death in 2015 Lockwood has stepped up to attempt to take responsibility for the mess he helped create with cloning the dinosaurs in the first place and begins by backing the Dinosaur Protection Group, lead by Claire Dearing – the former Operations Manager of Jurassic World. The DPG’s mission is simply to take care of the animals before Mount Sibo erupts and wipes out all life on Isla Nublar. Benjamin Lockwood has a granddaughter named Maisie and seems to be wheelchair bound. Benjamin Lockwood was played by James Cromwell.