Karacosis wutansis (S/F)

A hybrid genus and species of flowering plant engineered by Dr. Henry Wu and his team in May of 1997, Karacosis wutansis (also known as the Wu Flower) was created by combining several species of plant, setting a precedent for the much later creation of Indominus rex. During the creation process, Wu put the hypothesis he stated in his 1995 book The Next Step: An Evolution of God’s Concepts into action. In his book he claimed that, with the correct research and tools in place, he could create brand new species by combining several species together. Karacosis wutansis was the first test of this hypothesis, demonstrating that hybrid genera and species could be created through gene splicing.

The creation of the species received worldwide attention, including the attention of Simon Masrani, who would acquire InGen the following year after the death of John Hammond.