Maise Lockwood (S/F)

Maise Lockwood is a clone of Benjamin Lockwood’s daughter, and is biologically 9 years old. Maisie was raised by her source’s original nanny, Iris. She lived in Lockwood’s redwoods estate in Northern California, 5 miles from Orick, Ca. Maise is shown to have a courageous, inquisitive, and playful attitude.

Originally thought of before John Hammond’s death, Lockwood’s idea to clone his deceased daughter after her car accident. Dinosaur cloning was used as a test bed for the cloning of a human life, and Lockwood’s interest in cloning his daughter drove the two men apart.

In 2018, it is shown that Maisie, though unbeknownst of her own origins, was in fact cloned. Maisie was raised as the granddaughter of Lockwood, though her nanny, Iris, the estate executor, Eli Mills, and estate owner Benjamin Lockwood are aware that Maisie is a clone.

At the time of Isla Nublar’s destructive eruption, Eli Mills had devised to pillage Nublar of many of its dinosaurs, and bring them to a sanctuary island, though in reality he planned to auction them off at Lockwood’s manor. Maisie, as well as her grandfather, believed that the dinosaurs were going to the sanctuary until Maisie discovered Mill’s treachery while sneaking around in the manor’s basement laboratories. Maisie also discovered Henry Wu’s latest creation: the Indoraptor. Screaming in terror, Mills caught Maisie and confined her to her room. However, Maise snuck out later that evening and informed her grandfather of Mill’s plan to sell the dinosaurs, Lockwood confronted Mills over the fact, but Mills smothered Lockwood with a pillow as Maisie watched from a dumbwaiter.

Maisie, in terror, fled and returned to the basement where she encountered Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, who had recently escaped from an enclosured they’d been locked in by Mills and Ken Wheatley. Mills catches up to the trio, and divulged to the three that Maisie was a clone. However, the escaped Indoraptor showed up, and chased Maise and her newfound allies through the mansion. Maisie hid in her bedroom, only for the Indoraptor to come through the window. Just as the Indoraptor was about to grab the young girl, Owen Grady appeared and shot the Indoraptor, to little effect. However, it did give Owen and Maisie enough time to climb to the manor roof, where they become trapped over the mansion’s small museum. Cornered, it was only due to the arrival of Blue, an IBRIS Velociraptor, and Claire, that the Indoraptor was brought down by falling through the museum’s glass dome.

After the Indoraptor’s defeat, it is brought to the trio’s attention that a gas leak in the manor’s basement caused by Blue’s escape from Wu’s laboratory was suffocating the dinosaurs that had not yet been sold at auction. After all attempts at venting the gas were exhausted, Claire made the ultimate decision to let the dinosaurs succumb to their fate. However, their certain death was interrupted by Maisie Lockwood, who released the dinosaurs in the wild, empathizing with them as they were “alive, like me.”

Maisie was last seen with Claire and Owen as they were driving down the California coastline.