Zia Rodriguez (S/F)

Zia Rodriguez as played by Daniella Pineda

Zia Rodriguez grew up in Seattle during her early years, and displayed early tendencies towards caring for animals such as her cat, Kizzy. Zia was training in UC Berkeley’s pre-vetinerary medicine program, before the Jurassic World incident. She was originally accepted into an internship at the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar, however,  the park shut down before she could start. Zia then went on to join the Dinosaur Protection Group, as she advocated for the rights of the last remaining dinosaurs.

Her current position in the DPG is as the resident dinosaur biology expert, although she also participates in the organization’s other outreach programs, such as visiting schools to spread their message. Zia’s stated aim is to eventually serve as a dinosaur veterinarian once the DPG has reached its goal. On the DPG website, Zia is stated to be one of the newest members of the team.