Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Cutscenes

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) featured a number of deleted scenes that didn’t feature in the final film. These were likely either cut for timing, content, or sometimes both. A list of the following known cutscenes are as follows:

Alternate Mosasaurus Eye Shot
Following orders to exit the lagoon, one of the Marine One submarine pilots looks over his shoulder and sees the enormous eye of the Mosasaurus glaring back at him. 

Extended Dr. Ian Malcolm in Courtroom
Extended dialogue featuring Dr. Malcolm.

Maisie & the Sanctuary Island Diorama
A scene likely included Maisie Lockwood playing with the Sanctuary Island diorama, and Eli Mills later seen talking to her.

Owen Tracking Blue
Owen Grady walks past the skeleton of what may be a Deinosuchus on the other side of the creek.

Dead Stegosaurus
An enormous Stegosaurus carcass seen during the operation to track Blue.

Flickering & Exploding Light
Franklin Webb taps a faulty lightbulb that keeps flickering on and off, claiming to fix it, which then ends up exploding and scaring him. Claire Dearing then tells him to stop fixing things.

Alternate Carnotaurus Shot
The Carnotaurus charging at Owen.

Mills Showing Eversoll the Indoraptor 
Mills explains to Gunnar Eversoll why the Indoraptor‘s cage is in total darkness. Apparently the cell light had broken and so the animal was tranquilized with two darts; a technician entering the cage to fix it. However, the dosage was too small and the technician was eaten by the Indoraptor, the animal actually needing three darts to fully tranquilize. Inside its cage, the Indoraptor uses its long claw to play with the human skull of the late technician. Reviewing the security tapes, it turned out the Indoraptor had actually deliberately broken the light. Eversoll says that they have to show this animal to the buyers at the auction.

Indoraptor Eye Shot
The Indoraptor’s eye gradually opening.

Extended Eversoll, Buyers & Indoraptor in Elevator
Eversoll screaming in the elevator.

Alternate Indoraptor Killing Guard Scene
After holding Owen, Claire and Maisie at gunpoint, a guard is then tackled down a cross-tunnel by the Indoraptor.

Iris & the Indoraptor
Likely after being let go by Mills, Iris is then likely killed by the Indoraptor.

Apatosaurus & Unknown Dinosaur
Touching moment between an Apatosaurus and an unknown dinosaur before they are let out by Maisie.