White Rabbit Object (C/N)

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White Rabbit Object, written as whte_rbt.obj, was a piece of code that Dennis Nedry used to sabotage Jurassic Park. Upon entering the command, the system would shut down the park’s security parameters; Nedry planned to use this to dodge automated security and steal dinosaur embryos for Lewis Dodgson. Though labeled ‘.obj,’ it was not an object file, but a command. Nedry compiled part of the code so that it would appear to be a different type of file that he could use as a backdoor in the programming.

While trying to reset Jurassic Park’s systems, John Arnold rewrote the code to turn the security and perimeter fences back on and restore the system. He succeeded in restoring power to the park, but resetting the system had its own set of problems, namely that all of the systems had to be started up again manually. It also restored the park’s systems on auxiliary power instead of the main systems.

Michael Crichton described the White Rabbit Object as a “classic trap door.” The name is an obvious reference to the White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.