Waterfall Recess (C/N)

The recess was behind a waterfall located towards the north of Isla Nublar. Dr. Alan Grant, Tim and Lex Murphy discovered the compact alcove while attempting to evade the Tyrannosaurus, and noticed that it was filled with various pieces of machinery. At the back of the recess, there was a metal door marked “MAINT 04,” which could be opened via either a security card or a passcode that could be entered into a nine-button keyboard. Beyond the door, there was a flight of steps leading downwards, and the words “MAINT VEHICLE 04/22 CHARGER” stenciled onto the back wall. Dr. Grant decided to search for a telephone in the service tunnel, but instead found an electric, golf cart-like vehicle facing a long tunnel and a juvenile Velociraptor. While Grant was behind the door, Tim and Lex were forced to shelter in the alcove as the Tyrannosaurus ambushed them, although it was still able to reach them with its tongue due to the almost closet-sized recess being relatively cramped and awkward to move around in because of the piping.