Walk-in Freezer (S/F)

FreezeroutA refrigerator (colloquially known as a fridge, and alternatively as an icebox) is a common household appliance consisting of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump of some kind that transfers heat from inside the appliance to the external environment around it, thus keeping the inside of the refrigerator colder than the ambient temperature. Such devices and the processes that go with them are used in developed countries for food storage because colder temperatures discourage the reproduction of bacteria which cause food to spoil. Additionally, some foods are ideally served cold, such as ice cream. Refrigerators typically maintain a temperate a few degrees above the freezing point of water, while devices which maintain a lower temperature than water’s freezing point are–appropriately–called freezers. Some refrigerators are so large that they can store exceptionally large amounts of food or other materials and multiple people can walk inside them.

Freezerin2Jurassic Park’s visitor center on Isla Nublar had a walk-in freezer attached to its kitchen, where food was stored. While being hunted by two of the park’s Velociraptors, Tim Murphy made a break for the freezer to try to escape one of the dinosaurs, but it easily caught up to him. However, the Raptor slipped on ice in the freezer and was temporarily incapacitated; this gave Tim enough time to close the door to the freezer and his sister, Lex, the opportunity to lock the door, trapping the predator inside. Presumably, the Raptor died of exposure before the island’s other dinosaurs and facilities were destroyed by the military.