Velociraptor Nest – Isla Nublar (C/N)

Near the end of the events which transpired on Isla Nublar, Alan Grant, Robert Muldoon, and others sought out a nest of Velociraptors after observing that the Raptors had a very large number of individuals on the island according to the updated and adjusted population charts. They searched in the sulfurous southern parts of Isla Nublar, which Donald Gennaro noted felt like he was walking into Hell until they found a tunnel leading underground. There, they did, indeed, discover a nest of Velociraptors, including eggshells and a number of young. Almost surprisingly, the Raptors did not attack them, their attention diverted elsewhere instead: migration off the island. Presumably, the raptors and their nest were destroyed when Isla Nublar was attacked from the air by the Costa Rican Airforce.