United Nations (CB-IDW)

UN FlagThe United Nations was an international assembly, headquartered in New York City, designed to promote intergovernmental cooperation and resolve pressing global issues.

Alexa Murphy, granddaughter of John Parker Hammond, had been spearheading an international movement to prevent the exploitation of the Costa Rican islands: Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. However, continued participation in this endeavor had been draining to smaller nations, notably Albania, whose representative had protested verbally regarding his nation’s involvement in such a seemingly far removed problem. Ms. Murphy replied to the comments by reassuring the gathered ambassadors that their countries’ financial participation was crucial in protecting the planet’s ecosystem and humanity’s role within it.

Demonstrators had gathered near the U.N Headquarters to protest Lexxcrops’ recent implementation of automation that had cut staffing costs, but stirred up problems with union leaders worldwide.