Tyrannosaurus Paddock (CB-Topps)

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During the initial tour of Jurassic Park, the tour group passed by the Tyrannosaurus pen. A goat was chained up near the edge of the pen, to bait the rex. However, in the initial phase of the tour, the Tyrannosaurus declined to take the bait. After a visit to the Triceratops pen and taking care of the sick Trike, Grant, Malcolm, Gennaro, and Hammond‘s grandchildren (Lex and Tim) make a return back through the paddock during the oncoming storm. It is around this time the power is switched off by Dennis Nedry so he could steal the dinosaur embryos for Dodgson and his company. With the power out, the Tyrannosaurus takes the opportunity to not only eat the goat, but escape from her paddock and wreak havoc on the main road.