Female Tyrannosaurus – Isla Sorna (S/F)

B5B3Cm2This individual was a female (or the “Doe”) Tyrannosaurus rex was the mate to a Buck and mother to an infant that were both involved in the San Diego Incident in 1997. She also had a role in the Isla Sorna expeditions that preceded the San Diego Incident with the Isla Sorna 1997 Incident. The fandom has named this particular individual of ‘Doe’ due to her mate having the nickname of ‘Buck‘ while the Kenner toy line would have named her Thrasher instead.

jurassic_park4The female is first encountered when either she or her mate kicked one of the Gatherer’s Mercedes SUVs off the cliff that the groups’ modified trailers were parked at the edge of. The female and her mate had came to the spot following the scent of their infant, which the Nick Van Owen and Dr. Sarah Harding had brought to the trailers to mend the broken leg of. The parent T. rex came up on the second trailer end, where they found their infant. There, Dr. Harding returned the still partially tranquilized infant to the Buck. The Buck and his mate found a place to hide their infant then returned to the trailers. Turning the back half of the accordion vehicle upside down, the two T. rex then managed in shattering the front windshield and pushing the back half over the cliff the trailers are parked at the edge of before leaving, apparently satisfied with their work. However, they once again returned when Eddie Carr, who had came to the rescue of his friends, was caught by the T. rex pair attempting to pull the the trailers back over the cliff in his own vehicle.

tumblr_m8i2euZTco1qa9ofvo1_1280The T. rex pair, hearing the loud noise that Eddie’s Mercedes SUV was making, returned to the site. Finding the vehicle, the Buck bit off the roof to the SUV and then attempted to get to Eddie. While grabbing for his Lindstradt Air rifle, Eddie was grabbed by the Buck T. rex, who was joined by his mate in ripping the man in two at the waist. Finally satisfied with their work, the two T. rex left and the trailer inhabitants were rescued by the InGen team.

007The Tyrannosaurus were not seen again until they found their way to the survivor’s final encampment. The Buck, following the scent of the his infant’s blood now stained to the shirt of Dr. Sarah Harding, poked his head into Dr. Harding’s tent. Sniffing around and cuing in on the shirt hanging from a line stretched across the tent interior, the T. rex was startled when Carter woke up and screamed at his presence. Lifting the tent from the ground, and momentarily blinded, the Buck was able to remove the tent from his face by shaking it off. The female then arrived on the scene and chased the hunters along with Nick, Dr. Harding, 012and Kelly Curtis through a tight ravine. Nick spotted a small waterfall recess within which he, Sarah, and Kelly could hide, and so jumped into it, only to be followed in by paleontologist Dr. Robert Burke. Dr. Burke had alerted the attention of the female when he did so, and so the mother Tyrannosaurus burst her head into the cave looking for human occupants inside. Fortunately for the humans, the waterfall’s stream hindered the Tyrannosaurus‘ eyesight and she was incapable of reaching her prey. However, a milk snake startled Dr. Burke, which caused him to run forward, right into the T. rex‘ mouth. The female T. rex pulled Burke out of the cave, and then left the area.

The female is spotted once more with her mate and infant in a field after the Buck and infant had been returned to Isla Sorna post San Diego Incident. B5B3Cm2