Tyrannosaur Paddock – Isla Nublar (C/N)

Disambiguation Links Tyrannosaur Paddock – Isla Nublar (S/F), Tyrannosaurus Paddock (CB-Topps)

Just  to the south of the Aviary is the Tyrannosaur Paddock in Jurassic Park. Surrounded by a 12 foot high electrified fence, and a deep moat just beyond within.  It was a well forested area with a lagoon, that the juvenile Tyrannosaur was known to catch fish in. There was also a field, and at the center was a hydraulic powered feeding system, that lifted up a goat from underground for the Tyrannosaurus rex to to eat. This was seen by the first visitors on the tour of Jurassic Park.

Throughout the paddock were censors, arranged geographically around a central point (like a compass) and given code numbers.  The following would be travelling from South to North: T/S/04 T/S/03 T/S/02 T/S/01 (Central Point) T/N/01  T/N/02 T/N/03 T/N/04 T/N/05 On the northern end, inside of the paddock was a maintenance building.