Turnbuckles (C/N)

The turnbuckles, along with guy wires, were used by the grounds crew to secure the trees and tie them to the ground on Isla Nublar. When investigating the shorted fences, Robert Muldoon found a protocarpus tree, identified by its leafy branches, that had come free in the storm. The metal turnbuckles had blown against the electric fence and shorted it out. According to Muldoon, the ground crews were supposed to use plastic-coated wires and ceramic turnbuckles near the fences, but for whatever reason, metal turnbuckles were used with that particular tree. In order to fix the fence, Muldoon and the maintenance crew pulled the tree off the fence and removed the metal turnbuckles. After that, the gardeners would be sent out to re-secure the tree with the proper ceramic turnbuckles.