Tropical Diseases Laboratory (C/N)

The Tropical Diseases Laboratory was located in the Columbia University Medical Center. After Dr. Marty Guitierrez obtained the masticated specimen of the Procompsognathus, he sent it to the laboratory for testing by Dr. Edward Simpson. However, since he was on a field trip to Borneo the responsibility for the specimen fell to Dr. Richard Stone. The laboratory did tests on the procompsognathus specimen, believing it to be nothing more then a common Basilisk lizard. The initial results found no reactivity to any viral or bacterial antigen.

The lab submitted a fax report back to Dr. Guitierrez, which assured him of his initial identification, and that there would not be serious health hazards due to the biting incidents. The fragment of the animal lay in the freezer in the university until Alice Levin, suspecting it was a dinosaur, faxed Alan Grant for confirmation.

The laboratory was large, taking up the entire fourth floor of the Biomedical research building at the University. There, scientists and doctors worked with deadly epidemic and contagious diseases such as Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Cholera. However due to the success of other larger laboratories, the laboratory had been reduced to a fraction of its former size, with a reduction in staff as well.

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