Tranquilizer Pistol – Isla Nublar (C/N)

The tranquilizer pistol was a small handgun that MORO-709 tranquilizing darts. The darts, the size of a man’s finger, were stored on a cloth bandoleer that held 6 shots. In 1989, one such pistol and fully loaded bandoleer was found by paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant in a raft storage shed. Dr. Grant, who had come to Isla Nublar with others for an inspection of the park facilities, had been making his way back to the main compound along with Lex and Tim Murphy when the three had become stranded in the Park after a power failure allowed a Tyrannosaurus to break out of it’s paddock and destroy the tour vehicles. Dr. Grant eventually used the the tranquilizer pistol to incapacitate an immature Velociraptor (later nicknamed “Clarence” by Lex Murphy) in a small recess behind an artificial waterfall. Dr. Grant and the children then made it back to the Visitors’ Center by means of an electric golf cart. Dr. Grant did not bring the pistol with him when he and others explored the Velociraptor nest. The final whereabouts of the tranquilizer pistol is never disclosed, but it was presumably destroyed when the Costa Rican National Guard firebombed the island after rescuing the survivors.