Tim's LCD Watch (C/N)

Watch worn by Tim Murphy during his visit to Isla Nublar. At some point during the Tyrannosaurus attack on his tour car, the watch’s face sustained severe damage due to the impact and shattered. In the aftermath of the attack, Tim, while still inside the wrecked car, tried to check the time on the watch, but threw it away after noticing the face was cracked and as a result the numbers illegible. Later on, Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro found the broken watch while searching for Hammond’s grandchildren in the jeep. Although at first Gennaro was unsure of the significance of it, suggesting that Tim could have taken it off before the attack or that it was torn off, Muldoon explained that the LCD crystal would be very tough and difficult to break, meaning that it was almost certainly damaged during the attack and that it was near-impossible to tear a watch from somebody’s wrist without taking the hand with it.