Tim Murphy (IDW-JPR)

Disambiguation Links – Tim Murphy (JN), Tim Murphy (CB-Topps), Tim Murphy (C/N), Tim Murphy (S/F)

Trying to redeem the Hammond name he connects with a shady investor known as Mr. L Would (later found to be Peter Ludlow) to rebuild a new Jurassic Park in Glen Rose, Texas. He also appears to be back by at least one, if not a few various U.S senators who hope to gain a major profit in the project. Because a Carnotaurus is let loose, and there are subsequent cattle mutilations in the area he is forced to go down to the site in Glen Rose to investigate only coming face to face with his long thought dead uncle. More dinosaurs are released, thanks to Ludlow’s evil plan. Tim joins forces with his sister, Dr. Grant, and Dr. Sattler, as well as local law enforcers to stop the dinosaurs that threaten the town.