Thintelligent People (C/N)

While he lay dying of his wounds, Ian Malcolm explained to Ellie Sattler that the situation was far from contained. He referred to Henry Wu and John Arnold as ‘Thintelligent’ people, who only saw the immediate situation. In his mind, they had a narrow worldview, and mistook that for focusing on the problem. Those people did not consider the consequences of their actions, only caring about the result. He blamed this mindset on Western thinking, saying much of the Western world had been indoctrinated to think this way. He criticized the scientists for not considering whether they should do something, only focusing on whether it was feasible.

Malcolm declared that they did not consider ethics, instead viewed the world as a race to discover or do something first.Considering discovery as inevitable, they proceeded with their research, not caring if they altered the very thing they were studying. Malcolm said that Thintelligent people inevitably change the object, leaving it in a worse state then before. He claimed that the mindset also caused the people to believe that destruction was not only inevitable, but desirable. They had to alter the natural world, leave their mark on it.

Ellie protested, claiming that if the Thintelligent people were taken out of power all the advances would be lost. But Malcolm countered her, pointing out that in actuality, there was little difference in the time it took to do even the most basic tasks even with all of the technological advances made. He claimed that the only way to stop rapid environmental destruction was to remove the Thintelligent people from power.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton page 284-285 (First Edition, Thirty Fourth printing)