South American Tribe (CB-Topps)

raptor attackIn the jungles of South America, there still exist indigenous people who choose to live as their ancestors have done. As the Velociraptors were loose in Columbia, they initially came across a band of Indigenous who at first attempted to attack them with bows and arrows as well as spears. However, the raptors were able to scare them away by killing some of them.

nativeLater, as the velociraptors fell ill, the indigenous laid out offerings of gold and dead animals. The natives prostrated before them, and when they fell unconscious they nursed them back to health using their own medicines. When the raptors awoke, the natives attempted to prostrate and worship the raptors, but were all slaughtered

Later, Ian Malcolm was stricken by a fever then injured. As the group made it to a village with grass huts, another group of Indians come out and treat Ian. He spent some time resting in one of the huts in a cot while the group and the native americans watched over him to make sure he got better.