Snakewater, Montana (C/N)

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Snakewater, Montana, is a city in the United States, notable for a nearby fossil site in the badlands just outside the city, somewhere near Choteau. It was at this fossil site that Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler dug up the fossilized remains of a Velociraptor. Their dig was funded by John Hammond, and they were coaxed into accompanying Hammond to Isla Nublar after he arrived at the site personally to invite them to his island.

The site at which Grant and Sattler were digging dated to the Cretaceous period, and was once an island near the shore of a great inland sea. Grant found the eggs of duck-billed hadrosaurs as well as the fossils of carnivores like Velociraptor; notably, another species that was found at the site was Tenontosaurus.

Unlike many other cities in Jurassic Park, Snakewater is fictional.